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Hope Lives Here

5 EPISODES | OFM |  Podcast, ±3 min episode every 3 days
The book titled Hope Lives Here, that tells the story of South African women who are doing extraordinary things, was launched at this year’s Aardklop festival in Potchefstroom. Hope lives Here are stories of Mosaic Moms who inspire with their strength, beauty, grit, love, and faith. The organisation Mosaic’s vision is to develop and implement a self-sustainable model to take care of orphans in Africa.

Huntz & Duncs

12 EPISODES | THE CASTERY |  Series, ±59 min episode total time 11 hr 59 min
When the world was tossed into a pandemic, Hunter and Duncan decided it was their civil-duty to meet up online and discuss weird things to pass the time. From those conversations, a podcast was born. The show deals with all things that the 2 find interesting, from conspiracies to real people, no topic is too broad or too boring. Both Hunter and Duncan come from extremely different backgrounds and have some fairly different views on different topics which makes it all the more fun!

I Lived Through This

9 EPISODES | KILLER AUDIO CREATIONS |  Podcast, ±1 hr 02 min episode every 2 weeks, 4 days
I Lived Through This tells the stories of ordinary people who survived unimaginable situations. From being trapped in a destructive cult, surviving an abusive relationship, a fight with a wild animal, and even devastating natural disasters, survivors tell you their own powerful stories, in their own words. The podcast is hosted by Nicole Engelbrecht of True Crime South Africa.

I am (not) Coloured

I am (not) coloured is about embracing the parts of coloured culture we were taught to feel ashamed of. It’s about the collective experience of creating a coloured identity that doesn’t feel disconnected from what all transitional coloured young people are used to. It was about learning about coloured history and learning about collective identity.

I am (not) coloured is about being coloured but not the stereotype or even the version you thought of when you first read the word. It was produced as a part of my fourth-year journalistic project. For more information or to find cool pictures, please go check out my blog.

Writer and producer: Casey Ludick

Inside Wants Out

10 EPISODES | TINZWE MEDIA |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every day
In Africa, indigenous names or surnames are richly labored with meaning, identity, origin and stories that are passed on from one generation to the next. In celebration of African identity and indigenous or mother tongue languages, Tinzwe Media is proud to launch its latest offering – Inside Wants Out – an African mother tongue poetry podcast.

The project is powered by the South African Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) and the theme for season one of the podcast is 'African Poetry in the Time of a Global Pandemic'.

The project features poets from six African countries who each provided their original vocal delivery of their poems.

Each episode has been creatively hosted by Lesego Motshegwa.

Journey to Mother

10 EPISODES | SOLID GOLD PODCASTS #BEHEARD |  Podcast, ±48 min episode every 3 days
Cheryl-Jane (CJ) Kujenga has conversations with women who yearn for parenthood and are contemplating, going through or have gone through so called "unconventional" or "unspoken of" experiences to get there.

Julian Roup - Life in a Time of Plague

47 EPISODES | BIZNEWS |  Podcast, ±10 min episode every day
South African born and raised Julian Roup reads us his fourth book which chronicles experiences as a near 70 year old living in the UK during a time when Covid-19 is killing tens of thousands, mostly of his age. The author of three published books - A Day in the Life of an MP’, ‘A Fisherman in the Saddle’ and ‘Boerejood’ - he has a BJourn from Rhodes University. After working on SA and British newspapers, he followed a career in marketing and public relations. He lives in rural Sussex in the UK, is married and has two children.

Keri's Couch

16 EPISODES | EAST COAST RADIO |  Podcast, ±12 min episode every 3 weeks
Ever wondered what an interview would sound like if you put two people on a couch, with no prepared interview questions, a cup of tea and one of the guests has an interesting life to talk about?
Powerful, strong and independent women - who're making their mark in society - join East Coast Breakfast's Keri Miller weekly on Keri’s Couch.

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