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Be a Better Investor

Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk hosts the weekly 'Be a Better Investor' podcast to give both amateur and established retail investors a peek at how professional investors invest.
He chats to professional investors about their experiences in selecting potential investments, as well as how successful these processes have been. They discuss their biggest hits and misses and other topics, which may offer a few golden nuggets for listeners ... to become better investors.
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99% of people would be better off investing in unit trusts

To be financially comfortable or able to manage one's financial affairs well doesn't require a really complex understanding of issues. It requires doing a few simple things correctly: Nic Andrew – head of Nedgroup investments.
11 Mar 25 min

Young, smart and going places

In this episode of Be a Better Investor Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk chats with independent analyst Jimmy Moyaha.
4 Mar 32 min

Simon Brown: Where it began ...

MoneywebNOW's host is the interviewee in this episode of Be a Better Investor. He explains when his love for investing started and how he picks his top stocks.
28 Aug 2022 24 min

'Treat your investments like relationships'

‘The more you read, each day you are learning a little more – and I think it's very important to do that kind of reading. You learn about companies as well’: Investment rockstar David Shapiro – deputy chair, Sasfin.
20 May 2022 21 min

Dr Michael Jordaan steps out of the shadows

‘If you had to ask me to give one word of advice to all investors, it would be diversification...The worst thing that a tiny investor could do is put all their savings into just one counter’: Dr Michael Jordaan, former FNB CEO.
6 May 2022 23 min

Hit ratios, win-loss ratios, and shorting

‘Look for great companies to hold for the long term, but at the same time look for companies where something strange is going on …’: Jean Pierre Verster, Protea Asset Management.
14 Apr 2022 20 min
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