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Brand South Africa wants to get young people fired up about the Constitution. After all, it is considered the most progressive Constitution in the world!

So why is the Constitution so important? Well, the Constitution is an amazing living document that enables and empowers all South Africans to live the life of their dreams.

Whether you are passionate about politics or pop music, the Constitution makes everything possible. By enshrining and protecting our basic human rights, the Constitution is the blueprint that makes it possible to speak your mind on social media, pursue the career of your dreams or simply marry the person you love no matter their sex, gender, race or religion.

So, join the likes of Tbo Touch, Nina Hastie and Laduma Ngxokolo in discussing how this inspiring document makes it possible for them to live their best lives!
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7 Episodes

#InspiredByMyConstitution - Theodora Lee

YouTuber Theodora Lee speaks to Kat Mohoaduba on Human Rights Day about her right to freedom of expression, right to non-sexism, right to dignity and equality and the right to freedom trade.
21 Mar 2017 6 min

#InspiredByMyConstitution - Hulisani Ravele

For 20 years this vibrant woman has graced South African television screens and many South Africans have witnessed her grow from a child, to a teenager, to a student, to the young woman she is today. Arye and Kat chat to Hulisani Ravele about what inspires her.
14 Mar 2017 26 min

#InspiredByMyConstitution - Laduma Ngxokolo

Laduma Ngxokolo is one of Africa's finest, most innovative fashion designers, cultural icons and entrepreneurs. He has created a global fashion brand - 'MAXHOSA BY LADUMA', Beyonce raved on social media about MAXHOSA, He enlightens the team about how his constitution has enabled him to be the best version of…
8 Mar 2017 11 min

#InspiredByMyConstitution - Nongcebo McKenzie

Nongcebo Vukile McKenzie is known mostly as a radio presenter on Ukhozi FM and speaks to Kat and Arye about why she is so inspired to her right to freedom of expression, and her right to work in various different industries.
7 Mar 2017 6 min

#InspiredByMyConstitution - Bongekile Radebe

Bongekile Radebe is a self-driven young woman who has gained leadership skills through involvement in nation-building initiatives such as youth development programmes – including One Day Leader – and social entrepreneurship.
1 Mar 2017 6 min

#InspiredByMyConstitution - Nina Hastie

Nina Hastie is a permanent fixture in the South African comedy industry – with over a decade of stand-up comedy experience, She talk's to the team about how she has used the constitution to excel in her respected industry.
1 Mar 2017 19 min