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Funny You Said That...

Eject a dose of laughter in your life! Listen to South African Comedians Simmi Areff and Eugene Khoza talk about any and everything!!
Weekly English South Africa Comedy · Technology
8 Episodes

Funny You Said That - Uninvited Guests

Simmi and Eugene speak about uninvited guests to parties. How Simmi almost looked after a baby who wasn’t his and the tragic incident of a cat.
3 Jul 2017 31 min

Funny You Said That - Lessons from Disney movies

On this episode Eugene and Simmi break down what they've learnt from Disney movies. Listen to the two singing Disney songs, really badly, but ignore that because their observations about these movies are what we want you to focus on!
22 Jun 2017 33 min

Funny You Said That - Lack of Game

Ever wondered what Simmi and Eugene speak about? Well here is the chance. Simmi and Eugene speak about Simms’s lack of game with women and all things comedy…well sort of…
5 Jun 2017 38 min