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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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If you could go back to a year which one would it be?

Is it a year, a day or a moment? Are you going back to relive it, to change something or pick something you missed? #TakeMeBackToThatMoment

Nothing hits like a missed opportunity. A missed chance. Do you have that moment in your past?

Do you remember the day/moment you were at your happiest? When was it?#TakeMeBackToThatMoment
Kaya 959

Tbose Chats To Farida Pharoahfi Metsileng

Farida Pharoahfi Metsileng is a Voice over Artist, Actress, MC Social media Influencer and is known for her comedic takes surrounding social issues and provides laughs to lighten the load (pun intended). The 32 year old is born and bread in a Johannesburg and has a knack for embodying many characters, one of which we know her for, as Ntabiseng. Farieda began her journey at AFDA school of film and went on to intern at Red Pepper Pictures until 2015. She then got spotted by MTV Base and later becoming a VJ, which was promoted by her skits on Instagram and YouTube. Bagging one major presenting gig at Paramount lead her to score her first long term television gig on Mzansi Magics “Isithembiso” as Kandy.
She went on to do various cameos on shows like Uzalo as well as SesTop La. In 2021 she bagged the role as the first black Betty in the worldwide franchise “Ugly Betty” as Bettina Skhakhane in “uBettina Wethu”.
Kaya 959


Is it true what they say about #BlackPeopleAndPets? What have you heard? Do you have one?
Why do black people prefer dogs over cats?

And even when they get a cat, the black cat is the last to be adopted, why? #BlackPeopleAndPets

Why do dogs sleep outside and are never allowed in the house? #BlackPeopleAndPets
Kaya 959


#TheyOnlyWantSex...nothing more.

Does this mean there's something wrong with you? What's the solution?

#TheyOnlyWantSex Vs They Only Want Money

Which is better? Which is a turnoff?
Kaya 959


Aren't you tired of always being the strong one?

What does it take to #BeingTheStrongOne?
What is the problem with being the strong one?

Who asked you to be strong?

So, why are you #BeingTheStrongOne?
Kaya 959

#NoLongerGoingAnExtraMile for?

Looking at what your life needs right now, what are you #NoLongerGoingAnExtraMile for?

Your job/career, family or friends, or your love life and party life? what are you Quiet Quitting?

What about your healthy lifestyle choices, some work and most don't serve you anymore?

For instance, You are back to eating meat Or you stopped going to the gym, and you are training at home. #NoLongerGoingAnExtraMile

Which Good habit are you Quiet Quitting?

You quietly quit your failing relationship. You stopped caring and asking questions.

What else in your life are you #NoLongerGoingAnExtraMile for?
Kaya 959


If you are made to only choose one for 2023, Deep in Love or Great Sex? Which one would you choose?

#LoveOrSexChooseOne: The disadvantages of...
- Sleep and appetite changes. ...
- Poor judgment. ...
- Love addiction.

- It gets dull and boring after a while
- Emotionally confusing
- Leads to control issues.

Which one would you choose, Love or Sex for 2023?
Kaya 959


As we are busy making resolutions and planning for the year ahead, what is that one thing you're asking from bae (Love) to do or not do this year, to help you love better and build a healthy/strong relationship?
Kaya 959


What are those things you have always wanted to do but
you haven’t done? How many of these things did you try? Have
you asked yourself WHY you haven’t tried doing them?
Kaya 959


What resolutions were you unable to fulfil last year that you can complete this year instead of setting new ones?

it’s that time of the year where everyone is setting new year’s resolution because it’s what society says we should do. ·

However why don’t we just try completing our “failed” resolutions from last year instead of wanting to start something new we might not even complete.

So, what resolutions were you unable to fulfil last year that you can complete this year instead of setting new ones?
Kaya 959

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