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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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There are apps that could help you manage your relationship.

"Men could use the Period App to help them understand her and manage the relationships." -

If there was an app to help manage your relationship what would you need it to do?  #TheAppToManageRelationships

How about an HONESTY App!!

It zaps you when you lie and sends a notification to your partner.

What is the hardest thing about being in a relationship?

If you could design an App, what would you like it to do?#TheAppToManageRelationships


An App that keeps minutes of conversations...especially on promises made.

This is for him, so that he doesn't break any promises.


#TheAppToManageRelationships, Back to the Honeymoon phase App.

To take you back when things were rosy and giddy!!!
Kaya 959


Are you an over talker when it comes to social settings?

Is it because by nature you are talkative or could it be social anxiety?

Can you tell when you are over commanding conversations and how it can affect those listening to you?

Have you paid attention to when you speak a lot? With strangers or when with familiar people? #MaPepereza
Kaya 959


So, does it offend you when someone refers to you using adult
What is your rule when it comes to adult terms?
Is it dependent on age or the relationship you have with the

Kaya 959


Do men prefer a male urologist?
Do women prefer a female gynae?
Or is choosing the opposite gender a better option?

What's your preference and experience? #PickingASexDoctor

Seeing a Gynae/Urologist, are you comfortable to ask sex questions? e.g, Hygiene, Performance etc? #PickingASexDoctor

"Many doctors are bad at talking about sex."

Are doctors (gynaes/urologists) expected to know about sex?
Kaya 959


Are you one of those people that has a village of people they can talk to but you choose to deal with your problems alone?

Whenever you have a problem, you stonewall and your people find this frustrating about you.

Why do you do this? #MyProblemsAreMineAlone

Why when you are going through something, you prefer to be alone?

Isn't it difficult to be alone, when you live with someone?
Kaya 959


What are some of those things you wouldn’t have achieved by yourself but with others you were able to achieve?

Or what are those things you want to achieve but you know alone you wont be able to so you need others to help? #AloneICant

Do you have a travel stokvel? Which places have you visited? #AloneICant
Kaya 959


"We plan more for death, than we do for retirement."

"Look at the number of funeral policies in one household."
Have you given Retirement a thought?

Can you be home without being a burden and will you have enough to still take care of your family?

#CanYouAffordToRetire, or you’ll only rest when you are dead?

How much would you need per month, if you were to retire today? #CanYouAffordToRetire
Kaya 959


If you could insure your sex life, would you?

Which aspect of your sex life would you cover? #InsureYourSexLife

#InsureYourSexLife, there are things medical aid doesn't cover, like cosmetic surgery. What would you cover?

The list on things to insure #InsureYourSexLife, so far:

consistent (once a day)
feelings (enjoyment)
the organ 🍆🍑
cosmetic surgery...
Kaya 959


Do your people suffer from #ThirdPartyGrudge?

Or you are the one that suffers from forgiving those that hurt your loved ones, even after they've made up?

They made up, but you are still holding a grudge. Why? #ThirdPartyGrudge

Who will you hold #ThirdPartyGrudge for, should they be hurt/harmed by others?

Me: Don't mess with my parents, even posthumously, IDC 😤


So, what price did you pay for keeping a secret? 

You've been told or you know a secret and it is costing you something, your peace or your freedom. #TheCostOfKeepingASecret

Why do people get so angry with you, when they find out you know a secret? #TheCostOfKeepingASecret

Does holding a secret have an expiry date?

Is it "til death..." or you can share after their passing?
Kaya 959

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