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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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What are the things your parents refused to buy for you and to this day it still hurts?

Did your parents give reasons why they refused to buy you certain things?

Did they buy you something and you got hurt by it?

#OurParentsSaidNoForFun, even with food.

What foods/snacks were you denied from trying?
Kaya 959


It is that time of the year when we feel exhausted. Everything is running low; patience, tolerance and most of all energy.

Is year-end fatigue also affecting action in your bedroom?

#YearEndFatigueInTheBedroom, is this you?

What do you do, when you are too tired for sex?
Kaya 959


Are you one of those people who always need background noise?

Does it help you concentrate or is it a much-needed distraction?

#ICantStandSilence Or are you one that yearns for silence?

Do you want it to be quiet? Why?
Kaya 959


#NothingLikeBadTiming...have you ever experienced this? What happened?

- getting lost and then you get a puncture
- ATM swallows your card.
- that time of the month came early...

What's yours?
Kaya 959


#FooledBySex, what was so good about it?

Is it possible to replace or find an equal experience without the red flags?

#FooledBySex boNtloheleng, bo "You won't understand".

Who did you fight with, trying to protect this unhealthy relationship?

The sex was so good, it made do what? (that you vowed to never ever do again?) #FooledBySex
Kaya 959


#AFriendOfConvenience, They only call you when they need something. Do you have one?


They are cagey when they are with their other friends. Not comfortable talking to you about them.

Which makes you wonder what they are hiding or what they share about you, in your absence.

Do you have one?

Why you should keep #AFriendOfConvenience and also be one. Bcos your friends are limited in most areas.

A Gym buddy, and a lunch buddy at work, are friends of convenience. And those friendships only work in those contexts.

Do you agree that You are a friend of convenience?


They use you, why don't you use them back?

Can you own a friend?

They through you and now they hang without you, is that a problem? #AFriendOfConvenience
Kaya 959


How much of what has happened to you or in your life is your fault and how much of it can you blame on others? #WhenYouFaceYourself

Replace Fault with Responsibility, and notice how you feel inside.

Again, How much of what happened to you is your fault?

What was the hardest thing about accepting that most of what happens to is your responsibility?

But did it help or made things worse?

Kaya 959

T-Bose was joined by legendary sportscaster Robert Marawa

T-Bose was joined by legendary sportscaster Robert Marawa to unpack his books “Gqimm Shelele”. Robert takes us back to where it all began, back home in Nkandla. Robert also speaks about how his love for sport began, how he found healing after being fired and why MSW will forever be an institution.
Kaya 959


Is it true; “It’s the quiet ones you should never mess with."

What do they do? #ItIsTheQuietOnes

Is it always shocking what they can do? Or it is also pleasantly surprising?

What is the nicest thing a quiet person has ever done for you? Out of their "character" but heartwarming?
Kaya 959


Was sex ever spoken about at home? Who was the first to speak to you about sex? #MyFirstSexTalk

#MyFirstSexTalk; can either free you or hold you back.

If a boyfriend, was not teaching he was fore-playing.
If a parent were warning about the dangers rather than empowering.
If a friend, they were recruiting.

So, who gave you your first talk?
Kaya 959

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