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Germany Vows 'No Repeat' Of 2015 Refugee Influx as Election Looms

Six years ago, more than a million migrants traveled across the Mediterranean and Europe to reach Germany — many of them Syrians escaping the civil war. So, could history repeat itself as refugees try to flee Taliban rule in Afghanistan? As Henry Ridgwell reports from Berlin, immigration is high on…
15 Sep 2021 3 min

Repression, Voter Apathy Mark Russia Election Campaign

Russia is preparing for parliamentary and local elections Sunday in what the opposition says is an atmosphere of repression in which a number of candidates not aligned with the ruling party have been excluded.  Jon Spier narrates this report from Ricardo Marquina in Moscow.Camera: Ricardo MarquinaVideo editor: Henry Hernandez
15 Sep 2021 2 min

Costs, Opportunity Prompt More Honduran Migrants to Choose Spain over US 

Organized crime, a struggling economy, and repression continue to drive many Central Americans from their homelands with increasing numbers opting to head for Spain, rather than the United States.  More than 120,000 Hondurans make up the largest group of Central Americans in Spain. Alfonso Beato in the northeastern Spanish city of Girona filed this report, narrated by…
9 Sep 2021 3 min

Vaccines Offer Protection Against ‘Long COVID’, Scientists Say 

New research shows that coronavirus vaccines not only offer protection against infection and serious illness – but may also help prevent so-called ‘long COVID’, where symptoms can last for weeks or months. Henry Ridgwell reports from London.Camera: Henry Ridgwell   
7 Sep 2021 2 min

How 30 Years of Ukraine Independence Started in UN

On August 24, 1991, Ukraine announced its independence from the Soviet Union, and in the next few months, the international community — country by country — recognized Ukraine as an independent sovereign state. But the foundation of this shift had been laid at the United Nations headquarters about a year…
3 Sep 2021 2 min

Turkey Steps Up Border Security to Thwart Afghan Refugees

Turkey is stepping up a border security barrier with Iran, primarily to thwart a possible large influx of refugees from entering Afghanistan. Yet for many refugees, the wall, trenches and barbed wire are just more obstacles they say they have no choice but to overcome. VOA’s Heather Murdock has this…
2 Sep 2021 2 min

For Spain’s African Migrant Vendors, Innovation is Key to Freedom

he clandestine sea route from the coasts of Senegal to Spain is a dangerous voyage for thousands of migrants. For those who make it, what awaits them is a life outside the law and the stigma of being called an illegal immigrant. Jonathan Spier narrates this report from Alfonso Beato…
2 Sep 2021 2 min

Afghan Еvacuees in Albania Say They Feel Safe, But Worry About Homeland

Albania is temporarily hosting some 600 Afghan refugees who have fled the violence and chaos in their country. The last of several flights – with 150 people on board – arrived in Albania August 30. Ilirian Agolli spoke with some of them. Keida Kostreci narrates his story. 
2 Sep 2021 3 min

Many Afghans Fleeing to Istanbul in Bid for Visas to NATO Countries

Among the growing numbers of Afghans arriving in Turkey after fleeing the Taliban are those who fought alongside NATO forces. As Dorian Jones reports for VOA from Istanbul, they are now looking for help from countries with whose soldiers they served.Video editor: Rob Raffaele
1 Sep 2021 3 min

30 Years of Ukraine’s Independence: US Ambassadors in Ukraine Recall Highlights

Ukraine’s parliament, Verkhovna Rada, passed the country’s Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine on August 24, 1991. The US recognized the country’s independence on December 25 that same year and opened an embassy in Kyiv. Since then, nine ambassadors have represented the U.S. in Ukraine. Mariia Prus looks back…
1 Sep 2021 4 min

Deportation Centers in Turkey Packed With Afghan Refugees

Deportation centers in Turkey are filled to capacity as refugees from Afghanistan continue to cross the border from Iran by night, hoping to evade police and resettle. As VOA tours a deportation center in Van, officials say they are not sending people back to Afghanistan, but they also have no…
31 Aug 2021 2 min

Turkey Resists Calls to Host Afghan Refugees

With the Taliban in control of Afghanistan, the European Union is looking to Turkey to bear the brunt of an expected exodus of Afghan refugees heading to Europe. But Turkey is resisting the call.  Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul. Video editor: Marcus Harton
26 Aug 2021 2 min

1991's Failed Anti-Perestroika Soviet Coup Remembered

Thirty years ago, a group of Soviet hard-liners attempted a coup in the Soviet Union aimed at stopping reforms started by then President Mikhail Gorbachev. The coup failed in the course of three days but put in motion events that would forever change its course. VOA’s Daria Dieguts reports.
26 Aug 2021 4 min

Turkish Women Rally for Afghan Women, Condemn the Taliban 

Turkish women gathered outside the Afghan consulate in Istanbul to show their solidarity with Afghan women and to condemn the Taliban’s treatment of women. VOA’s Umut Colak has filed this report narrated by Bezhan Hamdard.Camera: Umut Colak Produced by: Umut Colak 
23 Aug 2021 2 min

Will Afghanistan Create Another Migrant Crisis for Europe?   

Greece has completed the construction of a border fence along its frontier with Turkey, as European fears grow of an influx of refugees from Afghanistan. As Henry Ridgwell reports, memories of the 2015 European migrant crisis are still powerful, — but many analysts say that six years on, it is much tougher…
23 Aug 2021 3 min

Afghan Refugees in Eastern Turkey Hope for Better Future

Thousands of Afghans, hoping for a better future, are trying to escape the country as the Taliban seize control. VOA’s Arif Aslan visited with 30 Afghan refugees whose long, perilous trek had taken them to eastern Turkey. This report is narrated by Bezhan Hamdard.Producer and camera: Arif Aslan.
21 Aug 2021 2 min

Covering Italian Mafia a Risky, Dangerous Beat

For Italy's journalists, covering the mafia has always been dangerous. There have been attacks recently against some reporters and almost two dozen are currently under police protection because of threats. VOA's Iacopo Luzi has more.   
20 Aug 2021 3 min

Afghan Refugees in Turkey Terrified at Taliban Takeover

Afghan refugees in Turkey say they made the dangerous journey to escape living again under Taliban rule. VOA’s Arif Aslan reports from eastern Turkey, where some of the Afghans he spoke with arrived over the past few days as the Taliban were taking over the Afghan capital. Sirwan Kajjo narrates his…
19 Aug 2021 2 min
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