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Lebanon’s New Government to End Subsidies as Economy Spirals

Analysts say they expect Lebanon’s newly formed government to end subsidies to basic commodities like fuel by the end of this month. To replace a bloated system of subsidies, the state has offered cash cards to the most vulnerable, but in a country where the U.N, says 78% of people…
14 Sep 2021 2 min

Palestinians Meet Israeli Economic Goodwill Gestures with Skepticism

Last month, U.S. President Joe Biden called on Israel’s new leaders to take confidence-building steps to improve the lives of Palestinians, prompting Israeli officials to announce a package that includes 120 million dollars in loans and 16,000 Israeli work permits for Palestinians. But as Linda Gradstein reports for VOA from…
13 Sep 2021 3 min

Lebanon Struggling with a Water Emergency

The U.N. children’s agency, UNICEF, has warned that more than 4 million people in Lebanon – many of them children -- could face a critical shortage of water in the coming days. The water crisis comes on top of a fuel crisis and a plummeting currency as Lebanon’s economy collapses…
1 Sep 2021 2 min

Hezbollah Seeks to Capitalize on Lebanon’s Energy Crisis 

The latest sign of the economic collapse afflicting Lebanon is a fuel crisis that has paralyzed the country. Now, the militant group Hezbollah says it will import fuel from Iran, a move that could bring more trouble than it relieves. Jacob Russell reports from Beirut.Produced by: Jon Spier Camera : Jacob Russell
31 Aug 2021 2 min

Syrian Kurds Say Two Towns Attacked by Turkey

Kurdish forces in Syria said two towns under their control have been bombarded by Turkish military and allied Syrian militias, killing six people, including two civilians, and wounding more than a dozen others. VOA’s Zana Omer reports from Tell Tamer, Syria, in this story narrated by Sirwan Kajjo.Producer and camera:…
20 Aug 2021 1 min

Egyptian Opposition TV Stations Based in Istanbul Face Uncertain Future

Several Egyptian opposition television stations are based in Istanbul, where they broadcast programming critical of Egypt's government led by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Turkey was a strong supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, but with Turkish-Egyptian rapprochement efforts underway, the opposition TV channels face an uncertain future. Dorian Jones reports…
17 Aug 2021 3 min

Iraqi Refugees Concerned About Increasing Violence at Syria's al-Hol Camp

Iraqi refugees at the al-Hol camp in northeast Syria are voicing concerns about growing violence inside the camp following the weekend slaying of yet another Iraqi by suspected Islamic State militants. The camp hosts tens of thousands of people, including families of Islamic State foreign fighters. VOA's Zana Omer filed…
10 Aug 2021 2 min

A Year After Port Explosion, Beirut Neighborhood Still Struggles

It was a year ago that a massive explosion at the port of Beirut left many parts of the historic city in ruins. Reporter Anchal Vohra was among the injured that day.  She returned to the scene of the devastation to see how her neighbors are rebuilding their lives and has this…
5 Aug 2021 2 min

One Year On, Beirut Explosion Seem as Symbol of Defeat and Resistance

One year after the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut little progress has been made in the investigation and no accountability has been assigned. As Lebanon flounders under multiple crises, the blast has become a symbol of both defeat and resistance. For VOA, Jacob Russell reports from Beirut
5 Aug 2021 2 min

7 Years After Islamic State Genocide, Yazidi Still Seeking Justice

Yazidis in Iraq and around the world are commemorating the 7th anniversary of a massacre carried out by the Islamic State group against members of the religious minority in the Iraqi town of Sinjar. Yazidi survivors and activists say the international community must prioritize justice for their community. VOA’s Dakhil Elias filed this report,…
3 Aug 2021 2 min

16 Years in Office, Abbas Faces Wave of Palestinian Protests 

There have been growing protests against the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, sparked by the death of Abbas critic Nizar Banat while in Palestinian police custody. The demonstrators are also angry that the 85-year-old Abbas recently cancelled long-overdue Palestinian elections. Abbas critics say they will continue the protests until new elections are called. Linda Gradstein reports for VOA from Hebron in the…
8 Jul 2021 3 min

Women-Only Village for Widows Welcomes Domestic Violence Victims in Syria

There is a women-only village in northern Syria's Rojava region, where widowed families live. Due to an increase in domestic violence in the area, village leaders are now also welcoming victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. VOA's Zana Omar brings us this story from northeastern Syria, in this report…
7 Jul 2021 2 min

Israel Warns Against New Iran Nuclear Deal

President Joe Biden this week assured visiting Israeli President Reuven Rivlin that the U.S. will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power. Despite the assurances, many Israelis are skeptical. As the U.S. seeks to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal, Israeli analysts say Iran is moving closer to a nuclear…
30 Jun 2021 3 min

Iran's New President: What the World Can Expect from Ebrahim Raisi

Iran's newly elected president has reiterated support for the 2015 nuclear deal and promised to stabilize relations with Arab neighbors in the Gulf region. Henry Ridgwell reports on what the world can expect from President-elect Ebrahim Raisi.Camera: Henry Ridgwell   Produced by: Adam Greenbaum   
22 Jun 2021 3 min

Iran Prepares for Presidential Election Amid Economic Crisis, Nuclear Tensions

Iranians go to the polls Friday to choose a new president. But with international monitors banned, critics say the election will be far from free or fair — and as Henry Ridgwell reports, public discontent could lead to a low voter turnout.Producers: Henry Ridgwell, Rob Raffaele. Camera: Henry Ridgwell.
16 Jun 2021 4 min

As Economy Sinks, Lebanon’s Farmers Turning to Growing Cannabis

Economic troubles have prompted cash-strapped farmers in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley to increasingly turn to cannabis cultivation. For VOA, Jacob Russell has this report from eastern Lebanon.Camera:   Jacob Russell  Produced by:  Marcus Harton   
16 Jun 2021 2 min
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