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Still Can't Sleep in the Same Bed with Unfaithful Spouse

The sting of infidelity is not something to be taken lightly. The wounds go deep and therefore need a special kind of spiritual healing. It would be negligent and foolish to believe that any spouse would be able to simply move on from such a transgression.

Signs of Video and Computer Game Addiction

Very often an addict is slow to realize the severity of their problem, and will become defensive if the word addict is even mentioned. Now, you may think I’m referring to substance abuse and addiction, but today I’m referring to an addiction that’s catching a lot of people off guard: that of Computer Game Addiction.

Preschooler Is a Picky Eater

Have you ever heard yourself say something a little like this: “You are not leaving the dining table until you have eaten your dinner”, or, “Why didn’t you eat the school lunch I packed for you?, or, “No, you cannot have a sweetie, it’s 9 in the morning and you still haven’t eaten your breakfast!” I’m sure many parents can relate to at least one of these scenarios, and even more so if your child happens to be a particularly picky eater. As parents we can often become panicked about our child not eating, and conflict between spouses sometimes arises as a result of different opinions on the matter.

Help for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

There are so many families in our country that have been broken by bad relationships, death of a parent or both parents or just never had the chance to be a family in the first place. Countless children are being raised by their grandparents because of these undesirable circumstances and although it is a huge blessing that the children remain in the care of a family member, there are definitely going to be challenges attached to the unconventional family situation.

Scriptural Basis for Defending Human Life

With the advent of legalised abortion came the cry from Christian advocates of the pro-life movement. Focus on the Family is one organisation that has fought for many years in this regard, and has named “the sanctity of human life” a guiding pillar in their ministry. In order for Christians to understand the importance of such a cause, they need to know what the Bible teaches on the value and significance of each human life.

Preparing for Spouse's Release From Prison

In life we sometimes face challenges that we never dreamed we’d have to go through. Imagine not seeing your spouse for years because of imprisonment, and then knowing that the release date is approaching. After your relationship has been barely existent for so long, you’ll now be navigating the way forward along some scary, unknown territory.

Spouse Misrepresents Husband

An important rule for any married couple is to avoid belittling or undermining your spouse in public. This statement may sound obvious, but often times a spouse may not even realize the error of his words, and that is why open and honest communication is so necessary.

Boundaries in Marriage

Placing healthy boundaries in your marriage can never be underestimated. Too many marriage relationships have been thwarted by a lack of appropriate boundaries, which has inevitably led to falling into sin. Should a married man spend one on one time helping a women who is experiencing martial problems?

Dealing with Childish Irresponsibility

Having a child who is inherently irresponsible can be one of the most frustrating things for a parent. Parenting is a tough enough task as it is, without having to constantly be worrying about a child who can’t seem to take responsibility for his things.

My Spouse Physically Abuses Our Children

The statistics for reported child abuse in our country are way below the actual numbers, and this is due to various reasons. First a foremost, the fear instilled in the victims if they tell anyone what is going on, and then sadly, the social acceptance of practices like corporal punishment and sexual harassment among other things.

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