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The I Prefer Not To Speak podcast is a weekly football podcast focusing on a wide range of topics. These include team deep dives, big game and tournament previews & reviews, interviews with industry experts on interesting off-the-field topics and so much more! Hosted by journalism students Daniel Roodt and Patrick Kidd, the podcast strikes the perfect balance between professional and casual. New episodes are released every Friday, so tune in for your weekly football fix!
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Soccer · Sports News Narrated by Daniel Roodt
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Episode 50 - Wrapping Up & Our Ideal 20 Premier League Teams

The I Prefer Not To Speak Podcast is coming to an end. For our final episode, we went through the 20 teams that would make up our ideal Premier League. There wasn't any objective reasoning in this process, and we went purely on who we liked and used to watch…
25 Apr 2022 18 min

Episode 49 - Rating All €100 Million Transfers

We're back again, and for this week we rated all the transfers over €100 million. We looked at their price compared to what they've achieved and debated how valuable they have been to their clubs.
27 Mar 2022 26 min

Episode 48 - January Transfer Round-up

This week on the podcast, Patrick and Daniel have a relaxed chat about the January Transfer Window and reflect on some of the big headlines and marquee signings from the window.
4 Feb 2022 32 min

Episode 47 - Debunking Bad Football Opinions

In this week's episode, Patrick and Daniel debunked some of the worst opinions floating around the world of football. They looked at why Pep Guardiola and Zidane are so underrated and over-hated, why we need to stop putting footballers in boxes, and the problem with labelling leagues as 'Farmers' Leagues.'
28 Jan 2022 30 min

Episode 46 - 22 Predictions for 2022

The dynamic duo are back!!! After more than a month of rest and relaxation, Patrick and Daniel have returned to kickstart the new year! On this week's episode and the first episode of 2022, Patrick and Daniel give their bold predictions for the upcoming annum.
24 Jan 2022 34 min

Episode 45 - Breakout Stars Of The Season

This week on the podcast, Patrick and Daniel each run through three young players who have really impressed them this season and who are having true breakout seasons. Two players on each list play for their respective clubs (Arsenal & Real Madrid), while the others were players that caught their…
17 Dec 2021 29 min

Episode 44 - Disappointing Premier League XI

Patrick and Daniel run through their most disappointing players of the Premier League this season on this week's episode. From big money signings to club veterans, the pair discuss the season's biggest underperformers.
14 Dec 2021 25 min

Episode 43 - Chatting Calcio A with Julian Faustini

This week on the podcast, Patrick was joined by Serie A blogger, Julian Faustini to chat all things Italian Football. Everything from the title race, Juventus's issues and the most exciting young stars (including Dusan Vlahovic) were covered. You can check out Julian's blog, 'Calcio with Julian' via the link…
3 Dec 2021 21 min

Episode 42 - Our Ballon d'Or Top 10

During the hubbub of the Ballon d'Or ceremony, Patrick and Daniel found a moment to share their predictions as well as their rankings of the top 10 footballers on the planet. The pair remained reasonably sensible in their picks, but some left-field opinions caused a bit of a rift between…
30 Nov 2021 26 min

Episode 41 - "Wings of Change": Red Bull's Role in Football

This week on the I Prefer not to Speak Podcast, Daniel caught up with author and journalist, Karan Tejwani, to talk about the impact that the Red Bull corporation has had on Modern football. Author of the renowned book "Wings of Chnage", Tejwani shares the ins and outs of Red…
22 Nov 2021 23 min

Episode 40 - International Football Quiz

To celebrate the return of international football (not really), Patrick and Daniel went head-to-head in a quiz about international football. With questions ranging from the World Cup to the AFCON, the Euros, and the Copa America, the two were really put to the test.
12 Nov 2021 18 min

Episode 39 - What Do Drunk People Think About Football?

For this week's episode, Patrick and Daniel took to the streets of Makhanda on a wild Friday night, to find out the biggest and boldest opinions held by drunk football fans. With questions ranging from who the most overrated player is, to who should win the Ballon d'Or and who…
5 Nov 2021 6 min

Episode 38 - What's Going Wrong at Manchester United?

This week on the I Prefer not to Speak Podcast, hosts Patrick and Daniel discuss Manchester United's latest struggles and the problems behind these struggles. Ole in or Ole out? Was Ronaldo a smart signing? The pair answer these questions and more on this week's episode.
26 Oct 2021 19 min

Episode 37 - The Newcastle United Takeover

Saudi Arabia's public investment fund insists that they are entirely separate from the Saudi State, despite evidence suggesting otherwise. We dive deep into the dealings of this takeover and explore the bizarre mental gymnastics being performed by some Newcastle fans. We also chat about why this takeover is such a…
15 Oct 2021 25 min

Episode 36 - Overrated Premier League XI

This week on the podcast, Daniel and Patrick give the 11 players they believe to be the most overrated in the Premier League currently. A certain Portuguese Manchester United player makes the cut alongside many other household names.
13 Oct 2021 33 min

Episode 35 - What is Going Wrong at Tottenham Hotspur?

Trust the process? "What process," says Daniel. Nuno Espirito's Santo's reign at Spurs got off to a flying start, but after three successive defeats in the league, things aren't looking too rosy. But, where has it all gone wrong at Tottenham, and who is to blame for their poor form?
1 Oct 2021 22 min

Episode 33 - Premier League Predictions

All the promoted teams to go straight back down? Aston Villa to shine? Arsenal to struggle? And who has the best-looking squad in the league? This week on the podcast, Patrick and Daniel preview the upcoming Premier League season and take you through some of their biggest and boldest predictions…
13 Aug 2021 34 min

Episode 32 - Ultras & Uprisings Part 2, The Egyptian Revolution

At the forefront of the protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Egyptian Revoultion in 2011 were two of Egypt's biggest ultras groups. These were Ultras Ahlawy of Al Ahly and Ultras White Knights of Zamalek. This episode delves into the world of these groups and how they became…
30 Jul 2021 22 min
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