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There are two things Mzi loves to do with you; enjoying the best local music and more and getting to know those who give us the best local music and more. Have a listen to Mzi do a bit of both on the 9 - 12 Starring You and Mzi podcast.

From the people Mzi puts you onto, to the STARS of The Song of The Week, to those we who inspire us to Push Pause and reflect, this 9 - 12 Starring You & Mzi podcast ensures you can catch up on it if you missed it or listen again because you loved it.

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We go "Under The Influence" of one of the most hilariously relatable content creators in South Africa. Athi Mgoqo started popping up on mzansi's social media radar in 2020 and what started as a steady rise soon became meteoric, for obvious reasons if you're familiar with her content.

There is probably no better impersonator of South Africa's diverse community and its members. It's the accuracy, along with the hilarity of it all. Dare just about any South African to not laugh for 20 seconds into an Athi Mgoqo post and should they take you up on it, you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Where did this humour come from? What about the acting skills? And wait, there's more...; that's right, believe the hype! Athi Mgoqo is everything you think she is and a whole lot more. Find out just how much more in this conversation we had with her which delves into the origins of her humour and her impressive acting as well what lies ahead in the short term.

A few laughs were had, as is to be expected with Athi Mgoqo.


Let's just say you manage to convince OKMalumkoolat to take you on board as a poet. 'Malumkoolkat agrees and before you know it he's trying to convince you to rap; that you can really do this "thing" remaining as true to yourself and your culture as you do. You take him up on his challenge and what then ensues is not only the wildest dream you could dream but wildly beyond that. This is the story of Sho Madjozi vaguely told.

How about we try to vividly tell that story. By "we", what is meant is us and Sho Madjozi herself. Our part in the telling of this story is to ask the questions, the story then unfolds as told by the STAR of this epic tale of destiny, Sho Madjozi, via her responses to the questions we put to her.

This one is more than worth the phone bill. Having run up the phone bill on a call to Sho Madjozi over in the United States (U.S), where she is currently touring, all we can say is...

What a story! As amazing as it is, what's confounding is that it would seem as though this story is still unfolding and in doing so appears to reveal that this is only the beginning. SAMA Awards, BET Awards, Billboard charting hits, European tours and now a US tour opening for Stromae; as big as all of these milestones are, they bear a striking resemblance to the building blocks of a launch pad. As high as her altitude already is, it can only be up from here for Sho Madjozi.

To fully appreciate the story 5 years from now, one must hear the story at its current inflection point. A story that thus far tells of the origin and making of the human superstar that is Sho Madjozi. Human Superstar - a term that can only truly be appreciated once having listened to the story of one of Africa's and the world's brightest rising STARS.

*apologies for the lapses in audio quality


Sometimes the path chooses you. Some would argue the path always chooses you. Whatever the case might be, all we know is that the path chose NotBenjamin. Actually a number of paths. However, in this conversation with NotBenjamin, we focus on one path, perhaps the primary path - music.

Initially it wasn't anything serious. You know, just mates getting into things together. One of those things happened to be music. What was most accessible at the time was FL Studio and so that's how they went about making their own music. Then almost always, one of the friends in the crew takes a little more joy in the experience than the rest, and this leads to a devotion and taking it rather seriously. That friend in Benjamin's crew was Benjamin himself; and so started the making of NotBenjamin. He's still that guy in the crew, but the crew has grown beyond high school friends to industry peers such as SA Hip Hop Award winning Priddy Ugly and SAMA Award winning Blxckie, but to mention a few.

This journey should make for quite the story; and it does. A music passion driven story that has given rise to one of the most respected and loved music producers on the scene who's creativity knows no bounds. "Celestial Blues", "NotBenjamin & Friends" and come January, another bold statement will be made by NotBenjamin. The studios know the name, the streets know the name and soon the airwaves will know the name - starting with STAR 919.


We finally got to know what's up with name - Espacio Dios.

There was a whole lot more we got to know too. Espacio Dios is an alternative artist who is charting an alternative path for himself. You may not be hearing much Espacio over the airwaves, but this does not at all mean Espacio goes unheard. If word gets out that Espacio Dios will be performing anywhere anytime, they will come in droves.

Just how, though? How does he chart an alternative path for himself? How does he build a fanbase using alternative means? How does he deliver such stand out bodies (Percussive Planet; Sound of Uri) of a sound as unique to him as they are? A lot of questions were asked, only because that's absolutely normal when we come across something as brilliantly unusual as what Espacio consistently delivers.

Espacio gladly indulged our curiosity above and beyond all that our curiosity asked. He also left us with good reason to be very excited. A long awaited meeting finally happened, and in some ways we are glad it took so long. The patient wait built an anticipation that was lived up to on all accounts.

May we have your attention please: The Space God


A feel good guy of note who gives us feel good songs of not: That's the Jimmy Nevis description we're going with at STAR 919.

Perhaps the only tweaking we would make to our Jimmy Nevis description is "a feel good guy of notes" because more than ever Jimmy Nevis is belting out feel good notes. Two minutes into our conversation with Jimmy, it becomes clear where all the feel good notes are coming from. Jimmy is in one of the best spaces he's ever been in having given himself permission to just be. "Just be" is of course a buzz phrase; however, in Jimmy's case it's him embracing himself for who he is and what he isn't...yet. It would seem he is at a place of such a personal and musical acceptance of himself that he is now as comfortable as he has ever been with being uncomfortable.

Jimmy is set on allowing himself to just be. Just enjoy being Jimmy and discovering Jimmy anew, defining and deciding for himself who he is and will be. On the music front, it could probably be said of Jimmy that he is a musical introvert. One who never ventured much into collaboration, something that is changing and soon to be revealed in an upcoming album set for release in January '23.

Jimmy pretty much sums up all of the aforementioned in one word - "Ayo". This is the chosen word for our Song of The Week title that tells of a personal journey Jimmy is on and where to date it has led to. He wants it to take on a personal meaning of your own though...

This is quite to introductory conversation for Jimmy Nevis & STAR 919.


First coming to the attention of the nation at 13 years old on Morning Live for her SAMA nomination, one could tell that there was something to Botlhale beyond the music. Well, what we could tell has now unfolded beyond the music and continues to. We got to experience it in conversation with Botlhale about the self-esteem and anxiety issues that women of the times face at the prospect of "going back home" over the festive season.

Self-esteem and anxiety around the festive season is something perhaps overlooked or at least not reflected on enough. Botlhale guides us into an insightful and empowering conversation about this reality to women drawing from observation and experience. Though this conversation is centred on the issues in question being unique to women, as a man or whichever gender you identify as or not, on some level we all deal with these very human issues. Thus a listening in on this conversation is sure to offer some valuable gems that could prove to be immensely helpful.


These stories are more common than you think. Somebody who has no idea what on earth a particular art form is gets introduced to it and is left confused, they just don't get it. Yet, they give it time nonetheless, and with times comes understanding,and with understanding comes love. Love for what was once foreign and misunderstood. A romance then ensues and births some of the most celebrated creations of the said art form. This is the story of The King of African Rap - Kwesta.

With 15 years going on 16 at the forefront of South African music, the only thing bigger than Kwesta's brand is his voice. Even so, humility is what leads him. It's a quiet dangerous confidence for anybody stepping into the battle ring with him, it's a refreshing revelation for his fans and a pleasure for all who work with him. The King pulled through to STAR 919 to tell his rap story from chapter one to the current one. Having been a relevant voice over the course of at least three hip hop eras, Kwesta's story tells a story of authenticity, adaptability and innovation.

The throne is not vacant, if you were wondering, what looks like a vacancy is but the king's descension into the arena. He's at it again, and this time he's going back to his roots.


Amidst the chaos that was the July '21 riots, a rapper captures the attention of the nation and goes viral. Was that a page out of the ingenious marketing 101 book of TunezRSA or opportunism of the highest order? Does it matter? Whichever it was, it has led to what now is.

TunezRSA is now known not only as a rapper gone viral but a manager in the creative arts and entertainment space managing one of South Africa's most globally famous TikTokkers, Mr. NT, to facilitating major label contracts for recording artists, to championing the bridging of the digital divide. There's a lot more than just a viral moment to TunezRSA. Give him the time of day and you'll learn this, along with a few valuables gems for the charting of your own course within the respective spaces he navigates.


Why is it that we connect so easily and with such intensity with certain artists? Perhaps because these artists make it easy to connect with them. How? Well, if we're to use Craig Lucas as our reference, it might be because such artists are oversharers.

Craig Lucas came into this conversation with his heart open from the get go. When people say "we don't just hear Craig Lucas sing, we feel him sing."; that's because being so open hearted, Craig writes and sings from the heart. A Craig Lucas experience is a heart to heart experience, especially when it comes to his music. This was especially brought to light in conversation with him where he immediately broke down the walls between us and him, stepping off the pedestal as he immediately humanised himself.

From his introduction to the world in 2017 on The Voice S2, the love for Craig was real, maybe even overwhelming with everybody wanting a Craig Lucas experience. The rise of Craig Lucas was made up of two realities, and contradicting ones at that. In the public eye, a STAR had been born, and indeed it had, and the realisation of a dream was unfolding before our very eyes. As for in the life of Craig, it saw the emergence of unconfronted demons. He confronted them at the time the best way he knew how. Substance abuse is something Craig has been very open about, perhaps part of why Craig Lucas' journey has led him to this point where he now opens up about a new found appreciation for himself as he celebrated 10 months of sobriety the day before our conversation. A conversation which left us not only fans of Craig, the artist, but Craig the person.

It's a new day for Craig Lucas, and oh how beautiful is its dawning.


One of the most common denominators of the last year's biggest hits is Sino Msolo.

The golden voice, most can recognise it when they hear it. Golden voices come around every so often and are revered and celebrated as they should be. As for the platinum voice, this is less spoken of and it's perhaps because the occurrence of such is far less frequent.

Wamuhle (Platinum); Jola (2x Platinum); Umlando (2x Platinum) & Tanzania (4x Platinum). The the golden thread, or should we say platinum thread in all of these songs is Sino Msolo. When we speak of Sino Msolo, we speak of a platinum voice; a platinum award winning voice.

As is the case with the case with the actual commodity, this platinum voice had to be dug up. There was at least a 3 stage excavation process in the beneficiation from raw talent to valued the valued products we now know as our favourite jams. From Eastern Cape, to Free State, to Jo'burg, the nation and continent and now the world (Wakanda Forever). Sino Msolo followed his heart every step of the way, taking a chance on himself and at certain points so did others such as Sun-EL Musician and the team he has now built around himself.

Even for Sino's own quiet confidence, the blow up is beyond what he imagined or dreamed of. "I asked for less,.." he says...; well as much as this might be more than Sino has asked for, it leaves the world wanting more, and Sino's got plans.


At this point it needs to be said, if you're still sleeping on KVSE, you may need to check your vitals.

KVSE continues to prove himself single after single, EP after EP and as he has done again just recently, album after album. The thing about clichés is that as cliché as they are, they ring true. For KVSE that cliché is - "we're sitting on a gold mine". We as STAR could make the desperate appeal to you to please wake up to KVSE, but the reality is that you waking up to KVSE doesn't really matter, because the awakening is inevitable, even if you might not be a part of it....initially.

This may read like a reprimand, the tone might even be "giving offensive", but we prefer to see it as a positive warning. Nothing bad is going to happen if you don't wake up to KVSE at this very moment, you'll just miss out on witnessing the rise of a STAR from the ground up. At some point we will all notice KVSE up where he belongs and is headed - amongst the constellation of the brightest stars in the world of music. However, that rise, oh how beautiful it is.

We at STAR were privileged to have KVSE visit STAR House in celebration of both his birthday and the drop of his fourth album in two years - COLORS. We can now confirm that on both occasions KVSE checked all the boxes: talent (check); vision (check); motivation (check); work ethic (check); team (check).

Having confirmed that all undertakings up until this point have been a dress rehearsal, KVSE has explicitly stated that 2023 will be the real take over year. So, one way or another, next year you will be introduced to KVSE.
Or you can have your introduction right now.


Well done to these guys!

A story that proves passion is one of the best places to start from, in this case a passion for storytelling, Jurvaiś and Kgosana eventually succumbed to their passion; albeit an uncharted one for them at the time, they finally decided to just pick up that camera and see what happens. It turns out, a lot happens. Well; alot happens with passion, a student mentality, professionalism and some good fortune.

Jurvaiś and Kgosana stepped up to the plate and swung wildly and it just so happens they hit a homerun, and another one, and another one and so the story goes. With a resumé that includes:
BET AWARDS TV SPECIALS which are filmed yearly in Los Angeles (2016 – present) at the BET Awards Experience and the popular reimagined Channel O - My Top 5, they now have a short limited series already heading out on a world tour having been selected for the NEIFF 2022 and BUEIFF 2023.

These storytellers tell quite the story. A story worth giving a listen.


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