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A Karoo Graveyard: Thoughts, mist and memories

There are many stories – some sad, some wondrous, others downright weird – to be found at the Cradock cemetery in the Karoo heartland. It’s one of those misty autumn mornings here in the Karoo, the perfect time to be strolling about the Cradock cemetery. I can hear the resident…
19 Dec 2022 2PM 9 min

Alternative therapies — from magic mushrooms to pawternity leave

In the world of health and wellness, 2023 promises some interesting developments in the world of alternative therapies, as well as in the nutrition and fitness industries. Magic mushrooms: the rise and rise of psilocybin Maverick Life contributor Iza Trengove noted that in 2022, “After more than 30 years, during…
19 Dec 2022 11AM 8 min

Three ways to become more resilient to failure

Learning to be resilient can help you cope with failure and get past setbacks more quickly in the future. Failure may be an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t make it any less painful when it does happen. It can be particularly hard facing setbacks in your 20s and…
19 Dec 2022 11AM 5 min

‘Whitey: The Rise and Rule of the Shoprite King’ – on takeovers and turnarounds

James Wellwood Basson, known as ‘Whitey’ built the Shoprite group to become the biggest retailer on the continent and one of the 100 biggest in the world. Financial journalist Niel Joubert tells his story. For this authorised biography, financial journalist Niel Joubert was given access to the Bassons’ archives and…
19 Dec 2022 9AM 18 min

How to pack your bag like a digital nomad (hint: light)

Two content creators, who have been digital nomads for the past five years and have each travelled to about 11 countries, share their tips on how to best pack for travel. In early 2022, Maverick Life reported that, “after the changes that disrupted the professional and corporate worlds, many people,…
19 Dec 2022 2AM 7 min

The peaceful departure of a soul – Nelson Mandela’s very last day

This is an extract from the revised second edition of Dennis Cruywagen’s book ‘The Spiritual Mandela’. On the last day of Mandela’s life, 5 December 2013, following a long and painful illness, it was the presence of his grandson, Mandla, by his side that helped to ease his passing. That…
18 Dec 2022 2PM 5 min

Wakanda kak is this? Episode 2 of The South Africa Show: Xmas Special

I have an idea that might work for the show’s art department. It may be time to relook tired black, green and gold and introduce seasonally appropriate tones that better reflect the moment. Dear Diary, Yesterday’s episode of The South Africa Show: ANC Conference Xmas Special felt a bit dull…
18 Dec 2022 11AM 4 min

Glute force: why big, strong bum muscles matter for your overall health

Forget about how your bum muscles look; what about what they do? In fact, having big, strong glutes is crucial to good overall musculoskeletal health. The glutes are the large, powerful muscles in your bum that help support the pelvis, stabilise the hip joint and allow the hip to move…
18 Dec 2022 9AM 4 min

Norval’s Pont in the Northern Cape — where legends shine forever

From the bar to the blockhouse, Norval’s Pont is all about its backstory. In the summer of 2009, I came to Norval’s Pont to see the longest bar counter in the Northern Cape. Within the space of five minutes and one double Jameson, I was more interested in David Kramer’s…
18 Dec 2022 9AM 10 min

Attention gamers: Five need-to-knows about Netflix Games

With the holiday season upon us, if you’re looking for a physically undemanding alternative to passive binge watching, it may be time to try the lesser known Netflix Games, already bundled with Netflix streaming plans. Launched just over a year ago, in November 2021, Netflix’s gaming offering remains one of…
17 Dec 2022 4AM 7 min

The 55th ANC Conference in pictures – Day One

They gather, they debate, and they fight. Here is a selection of interesting and revealing images of the ANC Conference, which is underway in NASREC, Johannesburg until 20 December 2022.
16 Dec 2022 2PM 1 min
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