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Applications by Gupta associates delay Nulane fraud and money-laundering case

The Nulane corruption case linked to the Guptas has been postponed until later this month for the Bloemfontein High Court to hear applications brought by Dinesh Patel and Gupta acolyte Ronica Ragavan. The Bloemfontein High Court postponed the R24.9-million Nulane corruption case on Thursday to 27 September 2022, for the…
9 Sep 2022 9AM 3 min

What are the Auditor-General corruption allegations about?

Auditor-General Tsakani Maluleke has been accused of corruption by a member of her own office — a very serious allegation, considering Maluleke’s role on the national stage. Accusations, counter-accusations, alleged blackmail threats and a suspension have followed. We peer through the smoke to see if there’s a fire. Set the…
5 Sep 2022 5PM 8 min

Transnet graft: Brian Molefe and fellow top exec Anoj Singh get R50 000 bail after arrest

Former Transnet CEO Brian Molefe and former group chief financial officer Anoj Singh – described as the ‘primary architects’ of State Capture at Transnet – and others have been arrested in connection with corruption worth R398.4-million at the parastatal. The accused appeared in two separate groups in the Specialised Commercial…
29 Aug 2022 9AM 7 min

Iqbal Survé’s publications appear to take side of alleged Lottery crooks

Since Survé got his hands on public money to buy the country’s largest newspaper group, he has used it to publish inaccurate, often downright false, stories to further his personal interests. Iqbal Survé’s newspaper group has taken a curious interest in the story of corruption at the National Lotteries Commission…
23 Aug 2022 3PM 5 min

Tshwane coalition storm brews as DA mayor accused in R26bn tender bid

In a leaked audio recording from a year ago, Tshwane’s executive mayor, Randall Williams, can be heard instructing senior officials to support his executive decision — ‘whether they agree or disagree’ — for an unsolicited bid, while another official warns that the council could face possible litigation. The future of…
18 Aug 2022 4PM 7 min

The Enemy Within — how the ANC lost the battle against corruption

In 2000, the ANC committed itself to ‘the new cadre’ project — a project to develop ANC members who are dedicated, selfless people who steer clear of corruption and embrace a new morality. Yet, 22 years later the ANC is consumed by corrupt cadres. What happened and why was the…
14 Aug 2022 4PM 5 min

Fifth time lucky? Raila Odinga targets triumph in Kenya presidential elections

Kenyans go to the polls on Tuesday, where veteran opposition politician and serial loser Raila Odinga, 77, faces off against vice president William Ruto, 55. Kenya, with a gloomy and sordid history of fierce electoral disputes and violence, is scheduled to hold general elections on Tuesday 9 August 2022. In…
8 Aug 2022 11AM 6 min

Jury still out on DA claim that South Africa loses R800-million to corruption daily

The figure can’t be verified, and appears based on an older rumour — itself unsubstantiated — that R300-billion is lost every year. “Over R800-million per day is lost to corruption, nationally,” claims a June 2022 tweet posted by South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA) opposition party. The claim was made as…
7 Aug 2022 9AM 6 min
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