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A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club Ep. 13

The surfing of uncharted waters has recommenced. We're back at it!

Keiso is surfing solo and it looks like this will be the norm going forward. Rest assured, our boy knows how to surf. He is still bring new wave sounds and talent to the surface. The Surf Club is about to move into a new chapter, and is this one closes, we are given a preview of what we are expect for The Surf Club Vol. 2.

Let's Surf.

1. Thorii Lso - Welcome (intro)
2. Skiiips - First Impressions (mixed by. Mohammed & Skiiips) prod Masked Man
3. $tarchy - Wraith (feat. LoverBoy)
4. $tarchy - CHANGE
5. Trip zw - Purple Haze
6. Apollothemortal - Siamese (feat. Melo Taro)
7. Thorii Lso - low Down (interlude)
8. $tarchy - Son Up Feat Quee$co
9. Apollothemortal - nightingale - so (prod. Dweeb)
10. Skiiips - 6.grooves Ft. Israel (Prod. Brelle Boi)
11. CHAPPYGOODTIMES - Boom [Prod. NextaGotHeat]
12. Skiiips - Daydreams And Visions [(2018 Archive) - unmastered]
13. Apollothemortal - Hypothesis Freestyle
14. Trip zw - Purple Haze
15. Thorii Lso - Understand


A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club Ep. 12

Heard of a road trip? Of course you have. Heard of a surf trip? Well now you have. In episode 12 of The Surf Club all we do is surf and see where the waves take us. The New Wave leads the way on The Surf Club.

Let's Surf!

The Surf Club Ep. 12 Tracklist:

1. Thorii Lso – Signal (ft. Eekow)

2. Skiiips – CSK (Can’t Stop Kicking) Prod. Yogic Beats

3. Francis Jay – You Don’t Get It

4. Skiiips I Want You Here [roll W me] (Prod. Broke Boi)

5. Keiso. Unlocked – Dance with Me (Prod. Wonderlust Beats)

6. Apollothemortal – Splash (unmastered)

7. Skiiips – Another Wave File (Prod. Eeryskies)

8. Thorii Lso – Be With You Ft. Billy , Obel, MLSA (Prod.byLil-Kush)

9. Skiiips – 3.F.B.G.[Flowers B4 the Grave].

10. Maliq – Romeo [Prod. By @Freshcut_Tuqqy]

11. Glen Crow – Best Thing (feat. Aykae and Kureido)

12. CHAPPY GOODTIMES – No Hook (Prod. Trigganasty)

13. CHAPPY GOODTIMES – untitled Let It Rip

14. Skiiips – Jukebox Record

15. Skiiips – I Want You Here [slowed]

A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club Ep. 11 - Messages From The People

The Surf Club Episode 11. - Messages From The People

Keiso continues to surf new waves in uncharted waters. The 11th episode of The Surf Club brings more sounds of the new wave along with something a little extra.

In this episode, we listen in to messages you'd love to send to someone without them knowing they're from you.

Let's Surf!

The Surf Club Ep.11 - Messages From The People - Tracklist
1. J.A.I.V - nothingelse
2. J.A.I.V - Dreamwalking
3. apollothemortal - I Was Wrong (feat. CEO Sightoro)
4. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - Kiss and Delay [Prod. Honeymoon]
5. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - Again and Again (Ft a-team [Prod. Nexta & Beatsbynova])
6. BiscuitHead - Nyce
7. KAGE - HURTFUL feat Toni Flex (Prod. Payday)
8. BiscuitHead - Tryna Hit ft. Body Luh Dodi
9. Thorii Lso - LESELO ft. Myc Beth (Prod. Mystikal)
10. Maliq - Forever
11. Maliq - No Dedications
12. apollothemortal - Perc (feat. Cairo Clarendon)
13. KAGE - WOKE (feat. Big Chief)

Let's Surf!

A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club Ep. 10

In words of Surf Club founder, Keiso:
"he next episode is a classic surf club Ep with sounds from our artists that we’ve taken from in the past

It’s all about the music "

Surf and enjoy!

The Surf Club Ep. 10 Tracklist

1. apollothemortal - nightingale - Husky (prod. press and darryl)
2. Thorii - Gone Girl ft Mj Elphy
3. J.A.I.V - 110
4. BiscuitHead - This Side
5. Oddly Risque - Trae Young ft. Dvncohomealone
6. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - pipe down (Chappy & Nonbasic)
7. Thorii - Better With Time
8. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - Noname (prod. GUAPO [Boyfifty])
9. Maliq - Trust The Stars
10. Maliq - Nigga Witta Sword [prod. by Capital IKE]
11. ZZ - plenty hoes (feat. HighLifeBeats & Thorii)
12. ZZ - Sweet Misery
13. Keiso. - Live It Up
14. Glen Crow - ENERGY - Glen Crow & Pxycho
15. Khiro - Justin Timberlake - Don't Hold The Wall (Khiro Remix)


A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club - Ep. 9 = Glen Crow Takeover!

This 9th episode of The Surf Club belongs to the beatmaker/producer extraordinaire who has one question surfacing time and time again with each play of his joints - "Who is this?". Well, "this..." is Glen Crow and he is here to take over.

Episode 9 of The Surf Club is The Glen Crow Takeover. It is a merciless, relentless assault of some of Glen Crow's heaviest hitting numbers. Crow is certainly one to be listening out for if we aren't already.

Glen Crow is the New Wave; A.S.E Waves is the home of the New Wave, let's surf.

A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club - Ep. 9 = Glen Crow Takeover! Tracklist:

1. Glen Crow - -0F
2. Glen Crow - Hixs' Glen Crow & TXB
3. Glen Crow - Fire bomb' Rihanna [Flip]
4. Glen Crow - DISTANCE'Foushee [Flip]
5. Glen Crow - At-Night-You-Gonna-Miss-Me
6. Glen Crow - Eden (feat. Pxycho)
7. Glen Crow - The Seed (ft. TXB & BigMvrk)
8. Glen Crow - Nostalgia' Glen Crow, Mike Ludar & Pxycho
9. Glen Crow - To The End And Back
10. Glen Crow - Isn't it lovely? Billie Eillish & Khalid [Flip]
11. Glen Crow - Don't Panic Coldplay [Flip]
12. Glen Crow - Potato Salad' A$AP ROCKY & Tyler The Creator [Flip]
13. Glen Crow - Blip Blop
14. Glen Crow - MY LOVE' Glen Crow & Lewi Ercoll (co prod. by 500)
15. Glen Crow - Serotonin 4 Me' Glen Crow & Aykae
16. Glen Crow - Disco Time
17. Glen Crow - Dark Light Speed
18. Glen Crow - POP OUT ;)



A.S.E Waves Ep. 2 - The DulieBeats eidition.

fter Keiso's delivery of the first ever episode of The A.S.E Waves Hot 16, DulieBeats follows that up with his very own Hot 16.
What are the hottest 16 tunes on A.S.E Waves at the moment, find what they are as per Duliebeats who has compiled a list of 16 of his hottest A.S.E Wave tracks.

Premiering Friday 29th April at 13:00.

A.S.E Waves Hot 16 Ep.2 DulieBeats edition Tracklist:
1. Lekker drink- DvonJ
2. Late night drive- Neil Swaanpoel and inverse funk featuring Ryan Ellis
3. POWER- MONTEIRO featuring lexci
4. 10.9- El’diego
5. They don’t know- Knowles D and Vesta SA featuring Nev
6. If I ever by Kaizen
7. Blossom by Thani Tonick
8. Big mad by Sammysosag
9. Let her in Jozi by King B
10. Keep it going- Messville
11. Girlfriend- Riceboy and Skye
12. Home alone- N.I.D.AI and Flacs unit
13. The broken hearts club by Bill
14. Passion fruit by George bass
15. Task by Rea WMNTA
16. Need it by CHWDER

A.S.E Waves: The Surf Club Ep. 8 - Maliq On Call

The uncharted waters are rich with an abundance of gems. Keiso surfs solo again in this 8th episode of The Surf Club; however, we do have confirmation that Kawalski is okay and he even pops us a message to check in.

Kawalski then takes a chance at calling Maliq which turns into an insightful conversation about Maliq's musical origins; creative influences; inspirations & processes and his journey to date. All of this is completed with one of the best tracklists to feature on The Surf Club to date.

It's a foregone conclusion, The Surf Club should just keep surfing 'cause it just keeps getting better.

Let's surf!

The Surf Club Ep. 8 - Maliq On Call Tracklist:

1. Maliq - Wish List
2. Maliq - Fool Me Once
3. Maliq - Stardust
5. Maliq - Slaps [Prod. by @freshcut_tuqqy]
6. ZZ - the broken hearts club (feat. Bill)
7. J.A.I.V - Silence (feat. Kay S)
8. Thorii - Love or Lust (Guitar by Keiso.)
9. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - la fin est maintenant le debut [single]
10. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - Midnight Feeling 3pm
11. Glen Crow - Moving Mountains
12. Maliq - Outro

A.S.E Waves: In The Stu With DulieBeats - EP.7 - Kaizen

The saying "all things happen for a reason" applies to yet another scenario. The delay in us receiving episode 7 of In The Stu with DulieBeats proves to be worth the wait.

In this episode, Dulie has invited Kaizen who in turn extended the invitation to Ice Coled Cole. The three of them discuss Kaizen's impressive catalogue to date, his journey, trajectory and ambitions.

This is a NOT TO BE MISSED episode of In The Stu with DulieBeats.

In The Stu with DulieBeats Ep.7 - Kaizen Tracklist

1. Genesis– Kaizen
2. Feel - Kaizen
3. New pac freestyle - Kaizen
4. If I ever - Kaizen
5. Let go of my hand– Kaizen
6. Our pain– Kaizen
7. Blessed- Kaizen

A.S.E Waves Hot 16 Ep.1 - Keiso.

Good day Jon

This is rather strange, I clearly remember typing out a blurb and sending it to you.

A.S.E Waves

The Hot 16
A.S.E Waves introduces the all new Hot 16. This is the official A.S.E Waves chart show. The chart is curated by A.S.E Waves presenters. Each presenter compiled a list of their most favourite 16 tracks to ever play on A.S.E Waves. The respective lists were aggregated into a final Hot 16 which will be presented in the first episode of The Hot 16 on May 15th at 15h00.

Should you want to have your say on which songs belong in the Hot 16, please let us know. Hit us up on our social media platforms (A.S.E Waves on all platforms); our email address ( ) or even comment on the episode in Soundcloud.

Episode 1 of The Surf Club will be hosted by The Surf's Club very own, Keiso.

The Hot 16 Ep.1 Tracklist:

16. Oddly Risque – Sad N**a Hours
15. J.A.I.V ft. Thorii – Pride
14. Messville – Keep It Going
13. S Que Melodic – Silent Night
12. Neil Swanepoel – Midnight Drive
11. Young Earn – Love Hardly Lasts
10. George Bass – Passion Fruit
09. Rea WMNTA – Task
08. El Diego – 10/9
07. Thabo Tonick – Moea
06. Thorii – Other Girls
05. Finna Cry – Glow
04. Dvon J – Lekker Drink
03. Naledi – Pieces
02. Monteiro – Power
01. Knowly D – They Don’t Know

A.S.E Waves - The Surf Club Ep.7

A.S.E Waves Apology:
Our sincere apologies for the delay in the flighting of this much awaited Surf Club episode. The delay was due to technical and logistical issues.

Nevertheless, herewith is another episode of The Surf Club.

The Surf Club Ep. 7

Uncharted waters continue to be host to the most cutting edge and provocative sounds emerging from the new wave.
This week, Keiso hosts The Surf Club solo as Kawalski was unable to join. There, Keiso ventures out into the uncharted waters alone surfs some of the best sounds to listen out for.

The Surf Club Ep.7 premiers on A.S.E Waves at 3pm on Friday 8th April.

1. CHAPPY GOODTIMES - Feelings Change, People Too
2. J.A.I.V and ChinMay - Don't You Wish You Knew
3. Oddly Risque - SAD NIGGA HOURS
4. ZZ - XO (feat. Thorii & Lil Littlez)
5. Keiso. - By My Side
6. Apollothemortal - Take Me Back
7. BiscuitHead - Everyday
8. ZZ - ICY (feat. Thorii)
9. Glen Crow - Am I Human?
10. Cairo Phantom - Finally Winning
11. Tbone1uu - OliveBranch feat.JOR
12. Dj Fruadulent - Home Alone ft N.i.D,Ai Flacs Unit


A.S.E Waves: Surf Club Ep. 6 - Shezvin In The Cut

The Surf Club Ep 6: Shezvin In The Cut

The Surf Club Ep. 6 - Shezvin

The Surfing into uncharted waters continues. In this episode, Kawalski & Keiso are joined by Shezvin who delves into his music, what it's informed by, his process, journey and more.
Along with Shezvin & his music; there are more sounds from uncharted waters. Let's surf!

Tracklist: The Surf Club Ep.6 - Shezvin

1. H.B.K Sharkboy - Intro/Never Be The One
2. Oddly Risque - Fenty Beauti
3. Shezvin - Untitled
4. Shezvin - Haunted
5. Shezvin - Think (Ft Shweet Saga)
6. ZZ - Feel The Energy
7. J.A.I.V - Late Nights
8. Glen Crow - Unsure
9. Keiso. - Losing Cntrl
10. ZZ & Thorii - Calypso
11. Knowley-D - Kite (Dub Mix)

Kowalski Blak


A.S.E Waves: In The Stu With Duliebeats EP.6 - Riceboy

He delivers again! DuliBeats brings Riceboy into the Stu and there's a buzz that this could be the best episode yet. Riceboy in fact wanted to study at A.S.E but could not afford it; however, his talents would not be restrained by his financial constraints and he has gone on and continues to blaze his own path that has left people in awe of his creativity and technical ability. Let's just say he is one you can expect to place under the playlist - "classics".

In The Stu with DuliBeats Ep. 6 - Riceboy Playlist

1. Girlfriend – Riceboy and skye
2. Endless - Riceboy
3. Lately - Riceboy
4. On my mind again - Riceboy
5. Close to you– Riceboy
6. No time– Riceboy
7. Devine- Riceboy
8. September remix- Riceboy

28 episodes

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