Aid Group Implores Burkina Faso Government to Accept Assistance in Registering Newly Displaced

International aid groups are calling on Burkina Faso's government to let them help register the country's internally displaced people. The Norwegian Refugee Council says the government is taking weeks to register IDPs for food and other aid, forcing some back into dangerous areas. Henry Wilkins reports from Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso.  Camera: Henry Wilkins
13 Sep 2021 English United States News

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Benin Now Said to Be Fastest Place to Start Business Online

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Benin set up a service to allow people to register their business online.  The E-registration system has worked so well that this West African country is now the world's fastest place to start a business, according to a U.N. agency. Moki Edwin Kindzeka narrates this…
14 Sep 2021 2 min

Pandemic Forces Kenya's Jobless Youths Onto Streets

Kenyan authorities say the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced thousands of youths onto the streets, and many are turning to crime.  To meet the challenge, aid groups are trying to reintegrate homeless youth through sports with the goal of keeping them out of trouble. Victoria Amunga reports…
8 Sep 2021 1 min

Report: Kenya Leads Globally in P2P Cryptocurrency Trading

Blockchain data platform   has ranked internet-using Kenyans as the world's top peer-to-peer, or P2P, cryptocurrency traders. The group's survey shows that many Kenyans use form this of trading because they don’t have access to centralized exchanges. Lenny Ruvaga looks at the challenges and what this means for the industry in…
7 Sep 2021 2 min

In a First, Disabled Malawi Fashion Designers Show Off Their Creations

Disabled fashion designers have long struggled against discrimination, especially in developing countries such as Malawi. To combat the problem, Malawian fashion brand House of Xandria on Saturday organized the country's first fashion show featuring creations by designers with disabilities.  Lameck Masina reports from Blantyre. Camera: Dan Kumwenda
7 Sep 2021 3 min

Nigerian Experts Lament China’s Growing Influence in African Technology

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei says it wants to train up to 3 million African youths to work with digital technology, including cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence. Already, Nigerian students who took part in a Huawei-sponsored ICT competition say the benefits, including possible job placements with the company, are enormous…
2 Sep 2021 3 min