Bar Bain & Co from SA government work until it makes full disclosure, says whistle-blower Athol Williams

Pretoria should follow the UK’s example by blacklisting the global consultancy until it had made full disclosure and full amends, Williams said.
Athol Williams, who blew the whistle on the complicity of Bain & Co in Jacob Zuma’s State Capture, says the global consultancy must be barred from winning any South African government contracts until it has made full disclosure of its work in South Africa and made amends.
Williams told Daily Maverick that this should include firing all staff who had been involved in the State Capture of the SA Revenue Service (SARS).
Williams has welcomed the British government’s ban on Bain & Co receiving UK government contracts for three years because of its complicity in State Capture.
The minister in the British Cabinet Office, Jacob Rees-Mogg, announced the ban on US-based Bain & Co on Wednesday. Former anti-apartheid activist Lord Peter Hain, who had pushed Rees-Mogg to take that action, welcomed the decision and said he would now put pressure on the US to do the same.
Williams worked with Hain on his campaign against Bain and briefed Rees-Mogg with Hain last month about the company’s activities in South Africa, particularly its complicity in helping Zuma crony, the former SARS commissioner Tom Moyane, undermine SARS and prevent it from pursuing tax offenders.
‘Great personal and financial cost’
Williams was working for Bain & Co during the time of State Capture. Hain told the House of Lords last month that Williams had “acted with integrity to offer them guidance in taking the right action and then, owing to their refusal, was forced to blow the whistle, at great personal and financial cost.
“Mr Williams testified before the Zondo Commission and was praised by the commission in its report, but bears the burden of Bain’s defamation. He has now fled to the UK for his safety,” Hain said.
Williams told Daily Maverick on Wednesday that despite Bain & Co’s claim that just a few rotten apples were responsible for its role in State Capture, its actions had been endorsed all the way up the chain of command, to the UK office and to the head office in Boston.
He said that when he met Rees-Mogg with Hain in London last month he gave him the names of people who were still in the company and had been in the South African office during the State Capture era. He gave the names of people who had worked on public sector contracts.
“And ...