Malema’s stern warning to corrupt members: You will rue the day you joined the EFF

At the EFF’s People’s Assembly, leader Julius Malema warned that the party could not fight against corruption in SA if its leadership ‘become part of palace politics and corrupt elite’.
The problem of corruption in South Africa seems to have found its way into the EFF — particularly in Gauteng, leader Julius Malema said in a keynote address at the party’s third provincial assembly on Sunday, 11 September.
After a new provincial leadership had been elected, Malema said in his speech: “We have a problem of corruption in South Africa and we’ve started to have a problem of corruption in the EFF now. When people are sent to the leadership of the EFF, who are leading in regions, provinces and all of that, people will demand money in exchange for helping those people with whatever problems they are confronted with.”
In one instance, he said, a party researcher had been allegedly hired without an interview or the knowledge of EFF members and caucus.
Recruitment drive
Over the past few months, the EFF has embarked on a drive to recruit one million members by the end of the year. Malema said it was disturbing that some regions had failed to meet their campaign targets, but urged them to do so after the assembly.
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“You must make sure you recruit the real numbers to reach the target. Because it is Gauteng that is going to deliver South Africa. All of us must know that Gauteng is what will liberate South Africa and without a grounded EFF that is based on the quality of highly recruited members, then the organisation will not have a future,” he said.
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Malema said the EFF had warned branches against using signatures to recruit members as these could easily be forged and, as a result, would undermine the growth of the party. Despite this, some had used signature campaigning.
“People went ahead. and thought we will not know the system exposes them. And we’ve since suspended them. It is those people who commit treason in the EFF by lying to the organisation and creating an impression that the organisation is alive when it is not alive,” he said.
‘Sober analysis’
Malema urged the newly elected leadership to remain honest and give sober analysis of the growth of the party to allow national officials an opportunity to ...