I am a speech-language pathologist by day and an author by night, but all day every day, I'm a wife, mother, and Jesus lover. I operate in the prophetic and have the vision to connect hearts to the heart of God so people can live in the empowerment and victory that comes through a genuine connection to God and His supernatural power.
I'm almost always found typing away at my computer after tucking my kids in at night. But...I don't always write at my computer. Sometimes I can be found writing with an old-fashioned pen and paper at my keyboard. I have written prophetic songs, songs inspired by biblical revelation, and worship songs. I love how music unlocks our hearts and can transport us into the presence of God.
I also love digging deeply into the Scripture, unearthing gems through word studies and putting the writings of the Bible into context. I also do tend to geek out a little on science. Many ask me how, since I am a woman of faith. My answer? Science helps us understand the natural world. Faith empowers us to live in the supernatural. Sometimes it helps to understand practical tools and steps as we take each step in our faith journey. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Sometimes, it can be both.
In my book, Gentleness: It's Not What You Think, I bare my soul to share my journey of conquering obstacles and challenges in life by pairing faith and evidence-based principles supported by science and the Bible. It is my prayer that my book inspires and encourages others to take practical steps to overcome in their lives too.
Life isn't about staying the same. It's not about being perfect either. It's about being "ever changed." I believe in using every tool available so we can live as overcomers and in freedom. There are tools that have been researched by scientists. There is also faith. Both have value. But in my experience, it is when we taste and experience the glory of God that we are truly transformed. It is my passion to allow God to work through me in order to connect people to His presence and glory so we can all be forever changed.


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