Tite’s courage pays off as Brazil forwards deliver, sending a clear message to World Cup rivals

Blessed with the strongest attack force at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, there were questions around how Brazil coach Tite would play his cards and who he would leave out for a balanced side. Instead he unleashed all his team’s attacking force for a 2-0 win over Serbia.
When Brazil manager Tite announced he was taking nine forwards to the World Cup, many questioned if that was too many and wondered if he would really dare to abandon his traditionally defensive approach to unleash so much attacking talent.
The answer came in an impressive 2-0 victory over a strong and organised Serbia team who did not make it easy for Brazil and frustrated them in a goalless first half.
Tite’s decision to start Vinicius Jnr alongside Neymar, Richarlison and Raphinha should not have been a surprise since the Brazil coach has been much more inclined recently to unleash his talented young forwards together.
Thinking that he would leave Vinicius on the bench was an assumption of those looking at the 61-year-old manager’s past rather than his present.
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Tite is a bright coach. He was the last South American to lead a Copa Libertadores champion to the Fifa club championship, winning 1-0 with Corinthians against Chelsea in 2012.
But his accomplishments then were achieved with more caution than daring. His 2022 version seems to acknowledge the talent he has at his disposal.
World class
The 22-year-old Vinicius scored Real Madrid’s winner in the Champions League final against Liverpool and finished eighth in the Ballon d’Or ballot last month, elevating him to world-class level in his fifth season with the La Liga side.
Leaving him out of the team would have been madness.
Though Richarlison scored a brace, Vinicius was arguably the best player on the pitch, creating most of Brazil’s chances.
Tite has evolved while his team progressed over the past four years, moulding his squad to find new ways to adapt his system to his players.
But it was the emergence of a new generation of talented youngsters in the last two years that finally made Tite leave his background as a defensive coach behind, embracing their youth and giving them the freedom to flourish together.
The result is a team faithful to Brazil’s traditions in the beautiful game.
Tite does not only want to win. He wants to win playing a style of football that for many years seemed to get ...