Ramaphosa ‘consulting with stakeholders’ before possible address to the nation – presidential spokesperson

President Cyril Ramaphosa did not address the nation on Thursday night, as expected by some, following the release of the report stemming from the independent panel investigating the theft of US dollars from his Phala Phala farm.
Presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya on Thursday evening said President Cyril Ramaphosa was still consulting with various stakeholders, including his political party, about what steps to take in the wake of the independent panel’s report on the Phala Phala forex theft scandal.
“I indicated that an announcement was imminent, [but] I did not provide any specific timelines. However, we appreciate and understand how an expectation of an address to the nation will rise because of high levels of interest on the matter,” said Magwenya.
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Magwenya added that South Africa was at an unprecedented and extraordinary moment as a result of the panel report, and whatever decision the President makes must be informed by the best interest of the country and cannot be rushed.
“We apologise for the impression that he was going to address the nation tonight,” said Magwenya.
He declined to divulge what options the President was mulling over as he consults the stakeholders.
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The President’s options include among others taking the report to a judicial review, allowing Parliament to decide his fate, or resigning from his position.
This follows Ramaphosa cancelling a scheduled appearance before National Council of Provinces as he considers his response to the panel’s finding that he may have an impeachment case to answer.
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Ramaphosa was scheduled to answer questions from members of Parliament in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on Thursday afternoon. Those plans were abruptly cancelled. At the same time, the DA has called for an early election, while other opposition parties have called for the President to resign.
Ramaphosa’s fate
Ramaphosa’s fate lies in the hands of the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) that is scheduled to meet from Friday morning.
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The President seemingly still enjoys support from the NEC. The NEC, as it did with two previous presidents, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, can recall the President before his term ends.
If they recall him, his deputy, David Mabuza, is the next in line.
If the NEC decides to ...