We finally got to know what's up with name - Espacio Dios.

There was a whole lot more we got to know too. Espacio Dios is an alternative artist who is charting an alternative path for himself. You may not be hearing much Espacio over the airwaves, but this does not at all mean Espacio goes unheard. If word gets out that Espacio Dios will be performing anywhere anytime, they will come in droves.

Just how, though? How does he chart an alternative path for himself? How does he build a fanbase using alternative means? How does he deliver such stand out bodies (Percussive Planet; Sound of Uri) of a sound as unique to him as they are? A lot of questions were asked, only because that's absolutely normal when we come across something as brilliantly unusual as what Espacio consistently delivers.

Espacio gladly indulged our curiosity above and beyond all that our curiosity asked. He also left us with good reason to be very excited. A long awaited meeting finally happened, and in some ways we are glad it took so long. The patient wait built an anticipation that was lived up to on all accounts.

May we have your attention please: The Space God