Inside Europe 05.01.2023

Ukrainian doctors battle to keep the healthcare system alive, the Dutch government apologizes for its role in the slave trade and how Norwegians are shunning gas-powered cars for their electric cousins. Also: One man's effort to stop us dehumanizing Ukrainian refugees, how the Ukraine war and Bregret could mark a change in UK-EU relations, and if men won't talk, get them to make something.
5 Jan English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe 30.03.2023

Hungary votes to let Finland into NATO, Norway repatriates two sisters who left to join ISIS, Scotland has a new leader, and unvaccinated French medics remain in limbo. Also on Inside Europe: a half-hour migration special, including the view from Calais, the EU’s new Migration Pact, a model resettlement programme…
30 Mar 54 min

Inside Europe 23.03.2023

Macron forces through deeply unpopular pension reforms in France, reckoning time for London’s Metropolitan Police, and who is the man attempting to topple Turkey’s Erdogan? Also: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports back. We’ll be looking in detail at what this means, as well as offering ideas for solutions.
23 Mar 54 min

Inside Europe 16.03.2023

The Dutch provincial election brings farmers to the fore, all eyes on the skies after a US drone falls into the Black Sea, and the BBC reinstates Gary Lineker, but what about the corporation’s impartiality? Also: Turkish journalists struggle to be heard in the wake of the quake, Belarus' opposition…
16 Mar 55 min

Inside Europe

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9 Mar 54 min