Looking for new ways of living together

The Canary Islands, located roughly 100 kilometers off the coast of Africa, have seen a large influx of refugees arriving by boat in recent years. On this week’s show, we hear from people who’ve made the harrowing journey, and those who are trying to help them start a new life.
18 Jan English Germany Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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We need to talk about antibiotics & sugar

This week on the show: How our overuse of antibiotics puts us all at risk of superbugs that are immune to the drugs we currently have. Plus the dangers of sugar and the taboo of head lice.
29 Mar 29 min

The world of Interpol: red notice

The international criminal police organization Interpol turns 100 this year. Time to look at how it's helped make our world safer from crimes by catching global perpetrators — and where its so-called red notices have helped authoritarian regimes clamp down on the innocent.
22 Mar 29 min

Banding together

On this week’s show, we’re looking at stories from across the globe about what happens when communities band together to solve big problems. The Yanomami fighting back against Brazil’s illegal goldminers, restoring India’s bodies of water, a Swiss restaurant serving the poor, and more.
15 Mar 29 min

Expedition to the North Pole

Join us this week as we revisit a favorite episode about a thrilling and somewhat unusual expedition to the North Pole. Two reporters take us along for a ride on the luxury cruise line that doubles as a lab where scientists are studying the effects of climate change.
9 Mar 30 min

Someone, call a doctor

This week, a look at the people fighting to preserve public health, from doctors in Ukraine, to nurses from Ghana. Plus, in the US Black medical residents are being dismissed at an alarming rate. We’ll hear from a doctor who says she had no choice but to leave, and Usha…
2 Mar 29 min