Inside Europe 26.01.2023

Germany opens up the way for Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Turkey holds firm over its NATO veto against Sweden and heads roll as Zelenskyy launches a high-level clean-up. Also: disturbing human trafficking cases from Spain and the UK, why Switzerland is so keen to woo back Chinese visitors and meet the French bakers who left their ovens to take to the streets.
26 Jan English Germany Society & Culture

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Inside Europe - 30 November 2023

What are the lessons from the Dutch elections won by far-right firebrand Geert Wilders, London receives its annual Christmas gift from Norway and Germany grapples with a €60 billion hole in its budget. Also: a new Lviv art venue opens amid the Ukraine war, earthquake legislation in Romania forces small…
30 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 23 November 2023

Shock result in the Netherlands, Finland closes border crossings with Russia, and choppy waters ahead for Spain’s Pedro Sanchez. Also: Erdogan’s double game on the Middle East, Italy's mafia mega-trial, the EU's AI Act, and a night out at the circus.
23 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 16 November 2023

A deal to retake power in Spain, the Dutch front-runner who does not want to be Prime Minister, David Cameron’s comeback and an update on Ukraine’s NATO membership bid. Also: an inter-faith initiative in Paris, a Living Library in Düsseldorf, intersecting migration journeys in Serbia and a tech summit in…
16 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 7 November 2023

Migration talks in Berlin, a new pact between Italy and Albania, and Germany's NFL fanbase turns out for the Dolphins. Also: We get a lawyer’s perspective on democratic backsliding in the UK, why 90 Percent of Danish Jews survived the Holocaust, France cracks down on migrant crossings from Italy, and…
9 Nov 55 min

Inside Europe - 2 November 2023

Ukraine conflict intensifies, ship-spotting to stop Putin, and an exhibition of Palestinian art in Paris. Also on the show: The Guardian's Ajit Niranjan on his carbon bomb reporting, a visit to a Portuguese wave energy site and a rousing dose of Milanese rap.
3 Nov 55 min