AfricaLink on Air — 26 January 2023

DW's AfricaLink Special Edition on Sexuality in Africa
26 Jan English Germany News

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AfricaLink on Air - 30 March 2023

UN uncovers multiple war crimes in Libya+++Zambia concerned over cases of torture by police+++Freddy affects schools in Malawi
30 Mar 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 29 March 2023

Ghana and Zambia are caught between IMF and China in debt restructuring +++ DRC: Cholera outbreak in refugee camp +++ Rwanda's LGBTQ community calls for protection +++ Sports
29 Mar 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 28 March 2023

Protests turn violent in Kenya as religious leaders call for dialogue+++Ruto describes riots as political+++What is the importance of US-Tanzania relations?
28 Mar 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 27 March 2023

Kenya's President William Ruto visits Germany +++ Kenya - How effective are Raila Odinga's mass protest? +++The US Vice President Kamala Harris is in Accra, Ghana, as part of a weeklong trip to Africa. Zambian government signs a 577 million dollar deal with a Chinese Consortium to construct and maintain…
27 Mar 29 min