Ep 194 - Of women in the diaspora and kept men (two guys make their case)

Larry Kwirirayi — On this week's episode of the #KwiriCast I talked to two guys Dumi and Marvyn who talked about of women in the diaspora who come back to get a man from home because they can relate to them better. And the men at back home who who will do what it takes to woo them as to get that visa or at least get out of Zimbabwe. And my thoughts on Mandela day.
18 Jul 2018 English Zimbabwe News

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Ep 190 - Winnie, Vimbai Zimuto video and five types of cheating

Larry Kwirirayi — In this week's episode I talk about the Vimbai Zimuto video, the Unplugged drama (class issues), Danai Gurira latest and five types of cheating. Also some Winnie Mandela in her words (from Felicia Mabuza-Suttle) and much more.
13 Apr 2018 27 min