#8  #8 Not Guilty

Zita appears in court, charged with publishing classified information with the intention of inciting social unrest. She pleads "not guilty". Will she be able to defend herself?
Season 1 / Episode 8 5 Nov 2019 English South Africa Fiction

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#7 #FreeZita

After Zita was kidnapped, she has already been missing for a week. Zita’s ever-growing group of social media followers has started the FreeZita campaign online. Will it bear fruit?
Season 1 / Episode 7 9 min

#1 The Big Fire

Get to know Zita, a young African law student, who is about to make an experience that will change her life…
Season 1 / Episode 1 10 min

#10 War on Corruption

After a tumult at her campaign rally, Beri isn’t so sure any more if she really has what it takes to run for mayor and fight corruption systematically. Can Zita convince her to go on?
Season 1 / Episode 10 9 min

#6 Missing

Zita's family and neighbours lose their homes in a fire. Most of the neighbors think it was an accident, but Zita, a young African law student, starts investigating to find out who is responsible.
Season 1 / Episode 6 9 min

#2 The Price of Negligence

After a fire destroyed their home, Zita’s parents are now in an emergency shelter. They’re devastated, and assume no one will compensate them for their loss. But Zita has had an idea – what’s she up to?
Season 1 / Episode 2 9 min