#2 The Need for an Anti-Corruption Commission 13.03.20

It is often assumed that the main job of the office of the Public Protector is to fight corruption,
but the PP’s mandate is much broader than that. The National Prosecuting Authority and the
Hawks tend to respond only to specific complaints, and they both also have many other tasks
to attend to. In any event, as our recent history shows, these institutions cannot always be
relied upon to tackle the complex and politicised world of corruption effectively. For some time,
therefore, activists have been calling for South Africa to set up a dedicated, independent AntiCorruption Commission, or Integrity Commission, possibly with the same constitutional status
as the other Chapter 9 Institutions. Join us to discuss what such a body should look like, what
its mandate should be, and who should serve on it.

SPEAKERS: Paul Hoffman SC Director, Accountability Now
Lawson Naidoo Executive Secretary, Council for the Advancement of the SA
Constitution (CASAC)