America simmers as Joe Biden’s inauguration is fast approaching...

Riots at the national Capitol buildings, US president Donald Trump impeached and Coronavirus numbers rising despite the vaccine being rolled out. America is struggling, preparing for more violence as the inauguration of Joe Biden is mere days away.

Produced and narrated by An Wentzel with technical and research assistance from Ken Tiven.
18 Jan 2021 English South Africa News · News Commentary

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Some 20 000 of American president Donald Trump's lies have been made into an art installation by a community radio station - Radio Free Brooklyn, in New York. The wall took on a life of its own after it was vandalised with MAGA sentiments, but only came back bigger and…
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READY OR NOT - Episode 2

In episode 2, America held its breath waiting to hear who won #USelection2020 but got no relief when President-elect Joe Biden was announced the winner, as President Donald Trump continues to insist that he is not going anywhere. Daily Maverick Night Editor, An Wentzel is in the US.
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READY OR NOT - Episode 1

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