#6  Max Kaan shares the secrets of Stage Hypnosis

It was a rainy day in Pretoria when Max Kaan came by to become the first Hypnotherapist to be interviewed by Hendrik for this podcast series.

Max is a well-known stage hypnotist, so logically the conversation started there. Hypnotherapists usually complain that it is the stage hypnotists who give hypnosis a bad name. Max explains why this is not the case and why, in fact, hypnotherapists should learn this skill.

He talks about how he deals with clients who want to stop smoking and reduce their weight, as well as how Covid-19 has changed the reasons people come to see him.

Max Kaan offers some pertinent advice to hypnotherapists as to how to improve the services they provide to their clients.

He talks about one issue that he finds very challenging to deal with, before relating a funny incident that happened during one of his stage shows.

As the rain starts falling heavily, Max shares why people should make use of a hypnotherapist and the value it can have for improving our lives.

Find out more about this very interesting man on his website www.maxkaan.com. You won't go wrong when you book a session or two with this highly experienced hypnotherapist!

Find out more about Max on https://maxkaan.com.

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