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Touch HD offers music, lifestyle and talk led by audience views, demands and needs. Touch HD is the stable for wild horses – relevant, contemporary and independent-thinking. This is epic content.


10 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±46 min episode every 6 days
A show that focusses on issues pertaining to fatherlessness and the impact thereof , from its relation to crime, GBV, broken families, substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and mental illness.
We encourage those to overcome by sharing true stories as well as motivation and practical steps to survive and become success in society irrespective of your background.

Truth Be Told with Sinazo Mtshengu

24 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±37 min episode every 5 weeks, 4 days
A youth-based current affairs show, where we have young leaders and analysts discuss the issues and topics affecting the country and continent like politics and economy. The show invites guests from, government officials, student’s leaders, academics, and Journalists to form part of the panel.

The Switch

6 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±21 min episode every 2 weeks, 2 days
Your Leap of faith requires you to make a switch - Join Nonjabulo and Nolwazi 2 high school students from Hoërskool Secunda who won South Africa Youth Innovative Award for inventing an app that combats depression & social ills such as bullying and self-hate.


7 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±41 min episode every 1 week, 5 days
"GRIFF" goes by 2TRILLION on all his social media handles is an international Christian comedian from America he is South Africa's most loved American after Barack Obama. Don't Play! ... this whole podcast is just "GRIFF" talking to his friends mainly from and RANDOM people he's met over the years ...funny, dumb, and smart at the same time

Africa Digital World

14 EPISODES |  Podcast, ±56 min episode every 1 week, 1 day
The digital era has transformed human society irreversibly. Besides the hype of consumer products and services, much needs to be said about the impact of the digital era on commerce and industry. Big and small businesses alike, need to redefine their businesses to take advantage of digital opportunities and similarly, stave off the threats. The Africa Digital World podcast aims to create a platform for discourse on how businesses in Africa can navigate the digital revolution.

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