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Crime Fighters: It Takes a Village

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
When the girls' mother dies, they try to live alone without telling anyone. While trying to keep up appearances, Jane and Hope get into even more trouble. Their friends, the street kids Sara and Leroy, try to help them, but eventually their secret is revealed: the girl’s father turns up. He had been violent towards his family which is why they fled. Will the sisters finally get the support they need to protect their rights? This story was written by Carla Fernandes (Angola/Portugal

Crime Fighters: Dirty Deals

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
Zita and her family lose everything when a fire destroys the low-income settlement where they live. Some of the neighbors think it was an accident, but Zita, a young law student, starts investigating to find out who is responsible. She discovers that not just her former settlement, but most of the city’s infrastructure was built on corrupt deals, ignoring safety standards and putting the citizens at risk. She starts a social media campaign to uncover the dirty deals and raise awareness – which means stepping on dangerous ground, and soon the threats start coming in. Did the young woman bite off more than she can chew or will she really make a difference in the fight against corruption? This story was written by Chrispin Mwakideu (Kenya)

Crime Fighters: Click on the Link

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
The social media is awash with images of a young female student, Zawadi, who has been found stabbed by the roadside. What happened to her? According to the police it was a crime of passion making her boyfriend the prime suspect. But the victim’s best friend, Kendi, is not convinced and launches her own investigations. She believes Zawadi could have had an online stalker. Together with IT expert Tembo, they unravel dark mysteries about the young woman and her online activities. As they dig into the digital world, some of the potential dangers and opportunities of today’s use of internet and social media come on the table. But will it help them get some answers on who stabbed Zawadi?

Crime Flighters: Silent Cries

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
In the town of Lambu, the police suddenly have a lot to do: A newborn baby has just been found at the doorstep of the police station. The very next day, a well-respected member of the community is found dead in front of his house, a knife still stuck in his chest. Young police officer Amsa works on the cases with her superior inspector Bruce. Being the only female officer in Lambu, Amsa is also approached by several women suffering abuse and she is dedicated to helping them. This is hard as there is no law yet in the country that punishes domestic violence. Join Amsa as she tries to solve the cases and protect the victims of domestic violence. This story was written by Pinado Abdu Waba (Nigeria).

Crime Fighters: Killing me Softly

9 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 29 min
Life has improved for the residents of Donge la Maji since a metal refinery was opened in town and created job opportunities. Single mother Aida Kabange recently moved there and started working as a secretary for the factory. But things go awry when Aida’s son mysteriously gets sick. At the same time a worker at the factory collapses and dies. A doctor says it was Malaria – but is there another uncomfortable truth behind his death? When Aida tries to find out what’s causing her son’s illness, she realizes something is amiss at the factory. Is she willing to risk everything to uncover the dirty secrets at the metal refinery? This story was written by Chrispin Mwakideu (Kenya)

Crime Fighters: One Murder Too Many

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
Inspector George Cross is investigating the murder of a young woman who had been mutilated. Her identity is a mystery. Could this crime be linked to witchcraft? As he works on the case, the young policeman absent-mindedly gives permission to his sister and cousin to pursue their dreams in the neighboring country. Melody and Kodjo want to study abroad. They have been promised training and exciting future prospects by a friendly neighbor. When after a while their family doesn’t hear from the teenagers, they start worrying. As George Cross tries to get in touch with Melody and Kodjo and to solve the murder case, he uncovers a network of dangerous criminals who trade in human beings.

Crime Fighters: Many Facts, One Truth

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
The groundbreaking ceremony for a youth center is overshadowed by the violent death of Musa Bamafor. The building contractor was beaten up so severely that he died as a result of his injuries. Seventeen-year-old Jammo and Kayla overheard the fight by chance but couldn’t see who was involved. They want to find out more and start investigating, together with their friend Fidelis. Was Bamafor really corrupt, like everybody says, and could this be related to his death? The young amateur detectives make some astonishing findings which reveal that not every piece of information that is spread can be trusted. They uncover a network of power and intrigue in which fake news plays a crucial role. This story was written by Pinado Abdu Waba (Nigeria).

Crime Fighters: School of Graft

10 EPISODES |  Series, ±9 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
The principal of Jomvu School, Mrs. Gongo, collapses at Parents’ Day in front of colleagues, parents and pupils and falls into a coma. The police soon find out that she was poisoned –but why? Was it the act of some ill-meaning colleague who wanted her job? Or someone who did not agree with her anti-corruption campaign at the school? Inspector Upide investigates but makes little progress. Awa, a young trainee teacher, starts looking for clues herself. Little by little, she finds out that what happened to Mrs. Gongo could have to do with her own secret mission at the school – unveiling the systematic abuse of pupils by teachers who promise them good grades in exchange for sexual favors. This story was written by James Muhando (Kenya).

Chasseurs de crimes : Les médicaments de la mort

8 EPISODES |  Series, ±12 min episode total time 1 hr 39 min
ierre, le fils d'une famille riche et influente, meurt d'overdose dans sa chambre près de boites de médicaments vides. Lorsque l'autopsie révèle qu'il ne s'est pas suicidé mais qu'il a été empoisonné, les trois inspecteurs Kaloumba, Salomé et Charlie se mettent à enquêter. Ils sont rapidement pris dans un tourbillon d'intrigues, de cupidité et de violence. Pour trouver le meurtrier de Pierre, il leur faut entrer dans le monde des médicaments contrefaits où des trafiquants exploitent la maladie et le désespoir. Les contrefaçons sont vendues pour une bouchée de pain et les clients ne sont pas conscients des risques qu'elles représentent pour leur santé. Plusieurs pistes conduisent les policiers sur les traces d'un médecin réputé, d'un guérisseur et d'une pharmacienne jusqu'au ministre de la santé. Pendant l'enquête, les inspecteurs voient leurs vies menacées plus d'une fois. Finalement ils parviennent à cerner l'implication de Pierre dans ce sale trafic et pourquoi il a dû mourir. L'issue de l'affaire leur réserve des surprises qu'ils étaient loin d'avoir imaginées...

Crime Fighters: The Radical Journey

8 EPISODES |  Series, ±10 min episode total time 1 hr 20 min
Inspectors Jude and Brenda investigate the suicide bombing of a young woman.
A bomb explodes in a shopping mall in Kululaland and the young police officers Jude and Brenda are on the case. Soon they find out it was a suicide bombing, carried out by a woman. Even more shocking is her identity. The attacker is Zorah Kassim – just out of university and from a rich family. As the daughter of an influential politician, what could have been her reasons for the bombing? Was she forced to do it? Or did she do it willingly? Using different approaches and putting their own lives in danger, officers Jude and Brenda conduct an investigation that uncovers the mechanisms that make young people join terror groups. But the motive that guided Zorah in her “radical journey” turns out to be completely different…

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