These are the big boys and number one ladies in business. And each #MeetTheCEO™ podcast we have the opportunity to sit at the feet of one of these top CEOs, chairpersons, or executives from brands we admire, and learn from the insights and wisdom they share.
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#MeetTheCEO who just broke a 100+ year monopoly!

I love challenger brands, and Kevin Brady and his team at A2X are taking on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Listen as Kevin shares their journey, as well as personal insights into how they have been able to do as well as they have.
6 Feb 2019 35 min

#MeetTheCEO who is also a South African Champion Powerlifter

#MeetTheCEO who is a South African Champion Powerlifter, has multiple degrees, and is now the CEO of a business in an industry she knew almost nothing about just over 18 months ago. How does Tanya van Lill - CEO of SAVCA - do it?
29 Nov 2018 31 min

#MeetTheCEO who used Chinese to kickstart his career

Are you thinking about following a traditional business study or career path? Byron Clatterbuck - CEO of SEACOM Ltd. - chose to do something quite different with his early career and found that this has offered him countless opportunities since. From learning Chinese to smart networking, during this podcast, Byron…
13 Sep 2018 52 min

#MeetTheCEO that will do R1bn in turnover selling 2nd hand goods

Gareth Armstrong speaks to Richard Mukheibir - CEO of Cash Converters - about bringing an international brand to South Africa, the excitement and uncertainty of the early years, how to "let go to maximise growth", and scaring our mothers half to death with seemingly crazy business decisions.
14 Jun 2018 32 min

#MeetTheCEO who ripped off a major American retailer

Listen as Ian Fuhr - CEO of Sorbet - shares insights into their “dark days”, reveals how he and his partner ripped off a major American retailer in their early years, and highlights the lessons he has learned being a serial retail entrepreneur. This is a conversation not to be…
31 May 2018 52 min

#MeetTheCEO who is putting social good above all else

Our CEO guest in studio this week describes his professional journey as an ongoing experiment. Join Hlubi and Gareth in this week's #MeetTheCEO conversation as they chat with Andy Hadfield, CEO of ForGood, about his journey from multiple startups to CEO of a South Africa's largest social platform.
19 Apr 2018 42 min

#MeetTheCEO who fights every day for the freedom of the media in South Africa

How does one end up as the CEO of award-winning newspaper, the Mail & Guardian? Hlubi and Gareth listen carefully to Hoosain Karjieker - CEO of M&G - as he describes his formative years, learning how to say no, and making sure top-notch journalism remains profitable in an ever-changing world…
22 Mar 2018 35 min

#MeetTheCEO taking on Uber...and doing a great job of it!

Ever been told that you are “too young”? Ever been told "it can't be done!"? Our studio guest is proof that when you have the focus and vision to succeed, all these menial factors others measure become null and void. During this #MeetTheCEO convo, we talk to Markus Villig, CEO…
23 Feb 2018 22 min

#MeetTheCEO building a luxury getaway empire

Maira Koutsoudakis is CEO of The LIFE Group of Companies, where she is building a group of companies that are enjoying global recognition (54 International Awards, to date) and success. Listen to this #MeetTheCEO conversation if you are an aspiring CEO and want to find out how Maira is able…
26 Jan 2018 27 min

#MeetTheCEO who is listening before doing

Heading up a large, multi-national organisation is not easy – even tougher is a new CEO’s first 6 to 12 months leading a team and organisation that may even be resistant to change. Gareth Armstrong is joined in studio by Lee Naik, CEO of TransUnion Africa, to explore how he…
19 Oct 2017 28 min

#MeetTheCEO who is influencing an industry at 25yrs old

Would you employ a 25-year-old to head up your organisation as CEO? You might think twice, but the BitCo board didn't. Listen to this insightful and telling #MeetTheCEO conversation between Gareth Armstrong and Jarryd Chatz, the current CEO of telecommunications company, BitCo, where they explore the complexities, and pros and…
6 Oct 2017 26 min

#MeetTheCEO of one of the largest consulting businesses in Africa

How does a self-confessed ADHD, poor academic, with some real trials in the early part of his life rise above all of this to fill the role and office of CEO of one of the largest independent consulting businesses in Southern Africa? We explore this question and more during this…
14 Sep 2017 27 min

#MeetTheCEO who is a master of scale

This is a pragmatic, direct, and insightful conversation with an hugely successful entrepreneur turned CEO. Listen as Hlubi and Gareth enjoy a super #MeetTheCEO half hour in studio with Frank Mullen, CEO of Zinia.
17 Aug 2017 25 min

#MeetTheCEO so serious and focused she left her peers in the dust

She was accused of being too serious when she was younger, and maybe she was, but that focus and determination has resulted in Zizipho Nyanga being appointed as the CEO of the Masisizane Fund, and now in a place to push and invest in her passions – entrepreneurship and women…
15 Jun 2017 25 min
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