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Series · larry kwirirayi
An exploration of Zimbabwean story-telling with original scripted drama
11 Sep 2020 15 episodes English Fiction · Drama

Crime Fighters: Dirty Deals

Series · Deutsche Welle - Crime Fighters
Zita and her family lose everything when a fire destroys the low-income settlement where they live. Some of the neighbors think it was an accident, but Zita, a young law student, starts investigating to find out who is responsible. She discovers that not just her former settlement, but most of…
5 Nov 2019 10 episodes English Fiction

Crime Fighters: It Takes a Village

Series · Deutsche Welle - Crime Fighters
When the girls' mother dies, they try to live alone without telling anyone. While trying to keep up appearances, Jane and Hope get into even more trouble. Their friends, the street kids Sara and Leroy, try to help them, but eventually their secret is revealed: the girl’s father turns up…
5 Nov 2019 10 episodes English Fiction

Crime Fighters: Sweeping Up Likalongo

Series · Deutsche Welle - Crime Fighters
All Randolph (Antony Ndung'u) wanted was to reduce and recycle waste in his town with a new garbage collection service.
5 Nov 2019 10 episodes English Fiction

The TN Wordsmith

Podcast · News Talk 94.1
From the frontier of the Wild West to the outer reaches of space and beyond, author and host Troy Smith will share some of his award winning short stories with you that will leave you wanting more on The TN Wordsmith.
23 Mar 2020 4 episodes English Fiction · Science Fiction


Podcast · TheThoughtcastPodcast
Welcome to the electrifying world of the ThoughtcastPodcast! Get ready to be blown away as we dive into the realms of fiction, non- fiction, and more! I'm Jim Gaius, and joining me is the Baddest man Jim Favour. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled ride with unfiltered opinions. We fearlessly tackle…
0 episodes English Fiction