Audio capture hardware

Optional hardware available with our radio streaming packages provides a hassle free way to get audio from the studio into our platform.

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From studio to stream - no hassle

We provide an off-the-shelf hardware product, preconfigured to capture analog audio in the studio and push into our platform.

Capture hardware

Raspberry Pi mini PC + Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 analog audio capture device.

Hobbyist computer hardware that is fanless, noiseless and running a version of Linux. Provides a good level of reliability at an affordable price point. Focusrite audio units are renowned for their low-latency high-quality analog audio capture.

Raspberry Pi
  • Shipped pre-configured
  • Automated resumes
  • Fanless and noiseless
  • High fidelity analog capture
  • Remotely monitored
  • Replacement program available


Plug & Play

Hardware shipped to pre-configured and ready to use. Connect internet and power and be live in minutes.

Automated resume

Automatically resumes streaming after internet or power failure. Peace of mind and lower operational overhead.

Remotely managed

Remote logging with managed security and feature upgrades proactively prevents potential downtime.

High fidelity

High quality stereo sound captured at high bitrates enables ‘better than FM’ sound for your listeners.

Intuitive setup

Super simple hardware setup, with signature Focusrite interface to monitor and adjust outgoing audio.

Quick replacement

We keep emergency replacement units on hand, ready to provision and ship under our replacement program terms.

Why analog output?

Studios are deploying audio-over-IP, but our hardware still relies on analog capture for one big reason: simplicity.

Employing audio over IP routing in the studio provides several benefits, but tends to shift the complexity from analog audio management to TCP/IP management - a skillset not always available, especially to smaller community stations. Competing standards in this space has also meant incompatibilities between equipment, with a unified standard (AES67) only becoming available end 2013, and equipment only now reaching good levels of interoperability.

Compared to this, analog is well understood, widely deployed throughout and extremely interoperable (The XLR jack became available in 1955!).

Due to these reasons, the vast majority of customers in developing markets still rely exclusively on an analog pipeline. Our solution provides the highest guarantee of interoperability and the easiest means of integration, while the high fidelity sampling of the Focusrite hardware ensures no sacrifice in quality to listeners.

Replacement programme

With the need to ensure as little as possible downtime for listeners, it becomes crucial to understand what happens in the event of hardware failure.

We stock additional hardware that is prepared in advance. This allows us to ship replacement hardware in as little time as possible - frequently within the same business day.

Normal hardware failures are replaced free of charge, while customers may be liable for theft or electrical damage.

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