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Women in Formula One, Monstrum, Sex education, Bridgerton dresses

Schools in England should not teach about gender identity, according to new draft guidance from the government, due to be published in full today. There is also a plan to ban sex education for under-nines. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said the new guidance would ensure children were not "exposed…
16 May 11AM 57 min

Beth Mead, Women and choral music, Eating disorders

Over half of female footballers book pitches, only to find they’ve been reallocated to men. With twice as many women as men considering quitting the sport because of this, Arsenal forward and England Lioness Beth Mead tells Nuala McGovern about her concerns.A BBC investigation published today has highlighted the concerns…
15 May 7AM 56 min

Birth trauma, Sleepwalking, Lolita Chakrabarti

How many women have decided not to have more children after a traumatic birth? The UK’s first inquiry into traumatic childbirth has found that too often poor care is normalised, with devastating effects on women’s mental and physical health. Nuala McGovern talks to one Woman’s Hour listener who decided she…
14 May 6AM 58 min

Whooping cough, Shirley Conran, Lying, Afghanistan tourism

Five babies have died from whooping cough this year as cases continue to rise in England. Medical doctor Dr Saleyha Ahsan, who currently has whooping cough herself, joins Clare McDonnell to discuss. Author, journalist and campaigner Dame Shirley Conran has died aged 91, days after receiving her damehood. Journalist Felicia…
10 May 8AM 59 min

Liz Carr on assisted dying, Money in relationships, Singer Rachel Chinouriri

The debate on assisted dying is often framed around the issues of choice for the terminally ill, but what about the rights of the disabled ? Actor and disability rights campaigner Liz Carr has major concerns about potential changes to the law that she believes could leave people with disabilities…
9 May 8AM 54 min

Safer sport for women, novelist Nadine Matheson, Sabrina Ali on Dugzi Dayz

Now that women’s sport is advancing, we need clear safeguarding rules for women and girls about what is and isn’t okay when it comes to talking about female health outside the realm of medicine. That’s the call from Baz Moffat, one of the co-founders of The Well HQ, which aims…
8 May 5AM 56 min

Losing your possessions, Defining honour abuse, Foster caring

What’s like to start again with nothing? On New Year's Eve of 2018, journalist Helen Chandler-Wilde lost everything she owned in a storage unit fire in Croydon, where she'd stowed all her possessions. She has written about it in the book, Lost & Found - 9 life-changing lessons about stuff…
7 May 9AM 57 min

How to age well: A Woman's Hour special

We are all ageing, if we're lucky, so in this Woman's Hour special programme, we're exploring how women can age well. Anita Rani is joined by a panel of women of different ages to talk about the possibility of re-invention and the wisdom of age, as well as the difficulties…
6 May 5AM 58 min

Listener phone in: Boys - what's it's like to be one in 2024?

On today's Woman's Hour phone-in we ask what it's like to be a boy in 2024 and how society is shaping our future men. On Monday we spoke to Catherine Carr about her Radio 4 series About the Boys. She spoke to boys up and down the country about how…
3 May 7AM 59 min

Woman's Hour special: How is porn shaping our sex lives and relationships?

Over the past few weeks, Woman’s Hour has been having a frank conversation about pornography. Four women spoke about how porn has shaped their relationships, sex lives and self-image. Three men spoke openly together about their attitudes to and experience of porn. The film-maker Erika Lust explained why she wants…
3 May 4AM 1 hr 46 min

Co-parenting, Homelessness and women, Dr Jessica Taylor

Being evicted from your home is an incredibly distressing time for anyone. Something 56-year-old Heidi Dodson is about to experience, she's being evicted by her private landlord from her home. She approached her local council for priority housing but was declined. In a letter from Thurrock Council, she was told…
1 May 6AM 57 min

Sex and choking, Online Abuse and work, Plastic pollution

Research by internationally-renowned sex expert Dr Debby Herbenick from 2020 found that 21% of women had been choked during sex, with this being nearly twice as prevalent among adults under 40. Why are more young people including this as part of their sex lives and what are both the short…
30 Apr 7AM 57 min

Boys, Women in South Africa, Perinatal suicide

Catherine Carr has two teenage sons and, through talking to them and to other parents of teenaged boys, she became aware that boys were experiencing confusing and often troubling messages about their role in society. Catherine decided to speak to boys directly and, in a series which is running all…
29 Apr 6AM 58 min


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