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Witness protection, Author Harriet Gibsone

A woman who was stalked by her husband and then placed into witness protection with a new identity to escape him, says she feels like she's the one being punished. She's complained to the police about the way her case was handled after being told she failed an assessment and…
1 Jun 59 min

Gender pension gap, Trampolining, A Paedophile in the Family

When Rebecca Perry was growing up, she competed nationally and internationally as a trampolinist.  She went on to become a published poet and has now ventured into non-fiction with a beautifully written  memoir, On Trampolining.  She joins Nuala in the studio. A new report by the Trade Union Congress (TUC)…
31 May 1 hour

Childcare debt, Big boobs, Succession

As figures show more than a third of parents are using debt to pay for childcare, Nuala will be meeting two women who’ve gone deep into the red to pay nursery fees in order to maintain a career and discussing whether the financial risk has been worth it. The government…
30 May 1 hr 02 min

The Turkish elections and female voters

In the last two years Turkey has withdrawn from the Istanbul Convention which "creates a comprehensive legal framework and approach to combat violence against women" and at the same time international observers have raise concerns over femicide rates in the country as well as violence against women and girls. Anita…
26 May 59 min

Adoption, Protesting Indian Wrestlers, Naoise Dolan

According to a new report from Adoption UK nearly half of families with adopted children aged 13 to 25 say they are at ‘crisis point’ or ‘facing severe challenges’. Author, Becky Brooks, discusses her report alongside Clare, a parent of adopted children. Indian women wrestlers have been living on the…
23 May 1 hour

Suranne Jones, Karen Millen, Eating disorders, Men and contraception, Kissing

Psychiatrists say they’re worried that some people with eating disorders are being offered palliative care. They say an eating disorder is not a terminal illness and most people can recover. Our reporter Carolyn Atkinson speaks to two women who currently have an eating disorder, and reports on what charities and…
20 May 56 min


Women's voices and women's lives - topical conversations to inform, challenge and inspire.
18 May 59 min

Calls for allergy tsar, Men and contraception, Judy Blume books

Tanya Ednan-Laperouse and Emma Turay are two women who lost their teenage daughters due to severe allergic reactions to food they had eaten. They are calling for the government to put in a place an ‘allergy tsar’ to prevent what they say are unnecessary deaths and illnesses. They explain their…
16 May 59 min

Can trauma in childhood become a driving force for success in later life?

In their book What I Wish I’d Known When I Was Young, they interview the likes of Ruth Davidson and Mary Portas and explore the psychology behind their experiences. Hayley is joined by Alice Thomson and also by the science writer David Robson, who investigates the potential issues with the…
15 May 1 hr 01 min
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