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The Archers

Contemporary drama in a rural setting from the world's longest running soap opera. Follow the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge. Original programmes broadcast 1900 hrs Sunday - Friday. Episodes added daily (except Saturdays).
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24 Episodes
1 – 20


Natasha is shown a new perspective, and Jolene has a sinister encounter.
20 Feb 1PM 13 min


Jolene comes to a decision, and Ed has reason to celebrate.
19 Feb 1PM 13 min


Emma takes a step forward, and Vince presses Jolene.
18 Feb 1PM 13 min


Writer: Sarah McDonald Hughes Director: Pip SwallowDavid Archer… Timothy Bentinck Kenton Archer…. Richard Attlee Jolene Archer …. Buffy Davis Pip Archer…. Daisy Badger Ruth Archer…. Felicity Finch Tony Archer …. David Troughton Lilian Bellamy …. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns …. James Cartwright Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman Susan Carter ……
16 Feb 1PM 13 min


Whilst Alistair and Denise are finishing up an operation on a cat he takes the opportunity to apologise for accusing her of sending him a Valentine’s card at work. She’s slightly mollified when Alistair tells her the whole episode was completely humiliating, then encourages him to make the most of…
15 Feb 1PM 13 min


Fallon and Harrison are due for a chat, and Kenton’s had enough.
14 Feb 1PM 13 min


Alistair jumps to conclusions, and things get awkward for Harry.
13 Feb 1PM 12 min


Revenge is sweet for Adam, and Tony’s on the ropes.
12 Feb 1PM 13 min


Fallon has a suggestion for Alice, and David lends a hand.
11 Feb 1PM 13 min


WRITER: Keri Davies DIRECTOR: Peter Leslie WildJolene Archer… Buffy Davies Kenton Archer …. Richard Attlee Pat Archer…. Patricia Gallimore Tom Archer …. William Troughton Tony Archer …. David Troughton Harrison Burns …. James Cartwright Alice Carter …. Hollie Chapman Chris Carter…. Wilf Scolding Susan Carter …. Charlotte Martin Eve Chilcott…
9 Feb 1PM 13 min


Alice is in the firing line, and a decision is reached at Bridge Farm.
8 Feb 1PM 13 min


A new arrival causes problems at Bridge Farm, and Susan is up to mischief.
7 Feb 1PM 12 min


Lynda takes the lead, and Alice is keen to make a good impression.
6 Feb 1PM 13 min


There’s trouble at the Bull, and Adam stamps his authority.
5 Feb 1PM 13 min


Harrison has concerns, and there’s an awkward encounter for Chris.
4 Feb 2PM 13 min


Writer: Liz John Director: Julie BeckettDavid Archer …. Timothy Bentinck Jolene Archer…. Buffy Davies Kenton Archer …. Richard Attlee Lilian Bellamy …. Sunny Ormonde Harrison Burns …. James Cartwright Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin Vince Casey …. Tony Turner Eddie Grundy …. Trevor Harrison Emma Grundy …. Emerald O‘Hanrahan Mia…
2 Feb 1PM 13 min


Vince makes a surprising offer, and there’s an unexpected visitor for one resident.
1 Feb 2PM 13 min


David steps in to help, and the fashion show is thrown into chaos.
31 Jan 1PM 13 min


There’s an emergency at the Bull, and Brad puts his foot down.
30 Jan 2PM 13 min


The results are in for Kenton, and there’s a new face in Ambridge.
29 Jan 1PM 13 min
1 – 20