StoryNory Katie, The Ordinary Witch

Katie, The Ordinary Witch

Katie is an ordinary girl apart from one thing - she's a witch and can do magic spells.
English United Kingdom Kids & Family · Arts
24 Episodes
1 – 20

Katie’s Black Friday

Fortune telling craze is spreading through school. Katie warns her friends that predicting the future can be dangerous, and is proved right in this story that is just a little more SPOOKY than usual.
Season 1 / Episode 1 19 min

Katie and the Invisible Umbrella

Katie – the ordinary witch – takes her grandmother’s very far from ordinary umbrella to school, and it is confiscated by a teacher – with unfortunate results.
Season 1 / Episode 2 17 min

Katie and the Cat who Talked

Katie, the ordinary witch, has a cat who can talk. But the cat not only talks, he gossips, and soon Katie finds that she is in trouble with her friends.
Season 1 / Episode 3 12 min

The Wizard Who Stole Katie’s Spells

We find out the identity of the thief who stole Katie’s spell book and did all sorts of bad spells around school. The follow-up to The Witch Who Lost Her Spells.
Season 1 / Episode 4 16 min

The Witch Who Lost Her Spells

Katie loses her spell book at school…. or perhaps somebody has stolen it…. ! Katie turns detective
Season 1 / Episode 5 19 min

The Valentine Witch

Katie’s teacher is in a grumpy mood quite often these days. Katie and her friend decide to use a little magic to cheer her up.
Season 1 / Episode 6 17 min

The Nose That Ran Away

The strange story of a nose that ran away from its owner, a little girl called Isis. Soon the nose was making havoc all over her school. Only Katie the witch knew the full truth…
Season 1 / Episode 7 20 min

The Witch Who Got into Trouble at School

The story about the time that Katie got into BIG TROUBLE at school, just because she’s a witch. It was all terribly unfair. Then the chance came to prove how useful her magic could be.
Season 1 / Episode 8 16 min

Katie’s Revenge

Samantha plays some mean tricks on Isis who is Katie’s best friend. Isis wants Katie to use magic to help her get revenge but Katie can only use her powers for good.
Season 1 / Episode 9 18 min

Katie and the Magic Shop

This Katie story is just a bit different – because most of it is not even about Katie – but about her Mum. Of course Katie’s mum is a witch, and she always wanted to set up a magic shop. When she finally achieved her ambition, the other shop keepers…
Season 1 / Episode 10 24 min

Don’t Be Scared of Halloween

Poor Katie is scared of Halloween because it’s the time when the other kids tease her for being a witch. But you really shouldn’t be afraid of Halloween, especially if you are a witch. Sung with great verve by Gabriella – you are really going to love this one.
Season 1 / Episode 11 3 min

Katie’s Halloween Aunt

Katie’s Great Aunt Chloe is coming to stay for Halloween. Unfortunately her Great Aunt always makes Katie embarrassed by being just too “witchy”. She can’t resist flying on her broomstick and doing other tricks that draw attention to the fact that the family are witches.
Season 1 / Episode 12 20 min

Katie and the Big Cat

In this story, Katie and her best friend Isis go on a Pony Trek. If you like horses, you’ll definitely love this story, and even if you aren’t quite such a horsey person, you will learn about a scary modern legend that has grown up in the western part of…
Season 1 / Episode 13 19 min

Katie and Mr. New Part Two

Katie is an ordinary girl apart from one thing - she's a witch and can do magic spells.
Season 1 / Episode 15 16 min

Katie and the Giants

Katie is an ordinary girl apart from one thing - she's a witch and can do magic spells.
Season 1 / Episode 17 16 min

Katie and the Magic Chocolate

Katie is growing up. She feels she is too old for an Easter Egg hunt. She is delighted when, over the holidays, Paul invites her to the cinema. She has some magic chocolate for him - but it does not work quite as expected. The post Katie and the Magic…
Season 1 / Episode 19 24 min
1 – 20