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As humans' impact on the planet becomes more evident, there is a need for independent reporting. Living Planet looks at new technologies, visits innovative projects and keeps you up-to-date on the state of the earth.
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Introducing: Feet in 2 Worlds

This week we are sharing an episode from Feet in 2 Worlds — a project that brings the work of immigrant journalists to online news sites, podcasts, and public radio. This story was produced as part of Home, Interrupted, a podcast series by Feet in 2 Worlds that explores how…
16 May 29 min

Naturally connected: The significance of a stream

It's no secret that humans have a deep and abiding relationship with water. Whether the ocean, lakes or rivers, we often go in search of, and take great delight in, the experience of bold bodies of water. And perhaps that means sometimes we overlook the smaller ones. Like the streams…
9 May 11 min

Deep dive: The hidden toll of roadkill

For some species being hit by a car is the number one cause of death above hunting and disease. What does this mean for wildlife populations and endangered species? And which solutions are on the table?
2 May 35 min

The evolution of our plastic dependency

Plastics have only been around for a little over a century. But in that time, they've become a huge part of our lives and a growing burden for the environment. Each year, the world produces over 430 million tons of plastics, and that figure is set to triple by 2060…
25 Apr 29 min

What's better: Cotton or polyester clothing?

Are you torn over your clothing's environmental impact? From resource-intensive production methods to consumer behaviors, explore the complexities shaping our fashion choices and their ecological footprints.
4 Apr 15 min

An ode to the crow

A familiar bird that is as clever as it is cunning, sadly the crow is often dismissed as merely a ruthless menace or an unwelcome alarm clock. But if you look closer, there's beauty in this scavenger's ways.
28 Mar 11 min

What's better: Contact lenses or glasses?

It seems like glasses would be the obvious eco-friendly choice, but not so fast! The answer is both fascinating and a bit mind boggling. Get ready for some eye-opening facts that could make you rethink your eyewear habits.
21 Mar 20 min

The iron grip of Brazil's mining industry

Brazil's iron ore industry is a vital economic asset but it has devastating environmental consequences. In this episode we delve into the challenges faced by local communities in Minas Gerais as they resist the impacts of mining activities on their environment and water sources.
14 Mar 29 min

What's better: Tea or coffee?

Have you ever wondered about the eco-story behind your daily brew? Join us as we spill the beans on the environmental impact of tea & coffee, from cultivation to consumption.
8 Mar 30 min

What's better: Plastic or paper?

Plastic or paper packaging. The more environmentally friendly option seems obvious, right? But concealed within this deceptively simple choice between two materials is a whole lot of different chemicals, marketing tricks and greenwashing. So, which is better for the environment?
29 Feb 15 min

What's better: E-readers or paper books?

Do you ever find yourself stumped by a seemingly simple choice between two things because you're not sure which would be better for the environment? Like plastic or paper packaging, cotton or polyester pants? We're going to try to find some of the answers in a new segment exploring these…
22 Feb 14 min

The comfort of a tree

How often do you stop to really look at the trees in your neighborhood or in your local park? Though you mightn’t have really noticed them – they certainly notice you. They might even be listening in on your conversations. Journey with us to Berlin to meet a special tree…
15 Feb 14 min

We need to talk about farmers and mental health

Recent studies say mental health is in decline among farmers, and they say climate policy is partially to blame. We spoke with German farmers and experts from different EU countries to find out more. And what they had to say was eye-opening.
8 Feb 29 min

The truly amazing world of fungi

When you hear the word fungus, what comes to mind? Maybe you're thinking about those semi-circular growths on tree trunks in the forest, or some mold on a piece of fruit. Estimates suggest more than 90% of all fungal species are still unknown to science - and that new discoveries…
1 Feb 27 min

If you love salmon, you might want to listen to this...

From farmed salmon with open wounds and lice-infested bodies, to the dangers of mating between wild salmon and its farmed counterpart after thousands of fish escaped from a fish farm - we take you to Iceland's aquafarms. And: why it's a good idea to pay close attention to the Southern…
25 Jan 29 min

Why this 3D-printed house could be a gamechanger

This week, a deep dive into the fascinating story behind a 3D-printed house made entirely of bio-based materials. We spoke with people behind BioHome 3D to find out why Maine was almost a fateful setting for this project, and what its effect might be on the US housing crisis.
19 Jan 21 min

Is recycling really the answer to the plastic crisis?

Globally only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled. But why is that rate so low? On this week's episode of Living Planet, we're airing an episode from a special on the plastics age which was produced by the DW podcast On the Green Fence. 
11 Jan 29 min
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