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Anything and everything to do with education whether it be debates, uplifting and being a support to educators and parents and looking at the labour issues that South African teachers are faced with is the aim of this show. Provincial Executive Officer of Naptosa, Riedwaan Ahmad & Yaseera Adonis are the hosts of the show and have excellent insight into the education system.
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School Governing Body elections 2021

Intro: The election process for school governing body members is in full swing after it commenced on March 1 at schools nationwide. Parents are urged to take part in the school governing election as new incoming members are advised to use their powers wisely. Joining us online is Mr Tony…
14 Mar 2021 17 min

Moving up in the world

Simone is moving up in the world, her perseverance and hard work has paid off after she landed a job in Germany. She has been studying her masters in marketing and now wants to pursue her doctorate.
22 Nov 2020 12 min

Retirement of our principal-Mr. I. Adams

As parents and students, we need to salute our educators for their dedication and hard work in the education sector. We take Mr. Adams down memory lane because he will be going on retirement soon.
22 Nov 2020 17 min

YPO Future Leaders Bursary

The YPO in collaboration with The Knowledge Trust is offering a unique open-ended bursary to young people in South Africa to study further.
15 Nov 2020 10 min

PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative

The 1.618 Education Initiative has been supporting top SA interior design and architecture talent in South Africa for many years. The annual design competition is aimed at third-year students.
4 Oct 2020 9 min

Mental Health issues for Grade 12’s

We know that the covid-19 pandemic has created an atmosphere of uncertainty and mental health issues for many people and especially for 2020 matriculants. Joining us online is Marichen Klaver, Educational Psychologist to unpack this discussion
28 Jun 2020 9 min

Stellenbosch university studies and applications

Stellenbosch University online application are still open to prospective students who are interesting in doing their studies there. Joining us online is Angelique Dreyer, Advisor at Centre for Student Recruitment and Career Advice to unpack this discussion
21 Jun 2020 7 min

Retrenchment of SGB teachers during covid-19 lockdown

With schools closed during lockdown many parents are troubled with the pressure of home-schooling. Many of them are asking whether they should be paying school fees at all at this time. Joining us online is Mr Tony Marshall, Deputy Provincial Manager at FEDSAS to unpack this discussion
7 Jun 2020 18 min

Life Choices Academy

Mahdie Mohammed speaks to Ryan Geel about how Life Choices Academy is a youth skills development which focuses on providing life skill-based programs for the youth.
26 Jan 2020 7 min

Education Indaba

Herein Riedwaahn and Yasierah speaks to Mr. Mike Notly who is the Education Programmes Manager at Think Ahead. The discussion was Use of technology in South African classrooms as well as prestigious Excellence in Education Awards 2019.
10 Nov 2019 10 min

Education Indaba

Riedwaan & Yasierah speaks to representatives of Omni HR Consulting (Pty) Ltd talked about the following: •The concept of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) •How WIL is applied in the context of our Education, Training and Development qualification (linked to the advert below) as well as another thriving industry: Contact Centre and…
3 Nov 2019 27 min

Education Indaba

Riedwaan & Yasierah speaks to representitives of the Mitchell Heights Primary School who scoops the recycling award Trash 4 Treats inter-school competition.
3 Nov 2019 24 min

Education Indaba

Riedwaan & Yasierah speaks to Shaykh Ighsaan Taliep about the new Masters Degree in Applied Islamic Thought at the International Peace College of South Africa (IPSA).
3 Nov 2019 28 min
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