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This award-winning one-hour weekly news magazine explores the topical issues that shape the European continent, including interviews, background features and cultural reports from correspondents throughout the region.
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Inside Europe - 11 April 2024

“History made” as the EU’s Asylum and Migration Pact is passed, Nicaragua drags Germany before the International Court of Justice, Slovakia’s Robert Fico gets the President he wanted, plus a sporting summit and a foretaste of Olympic tensions. Also on the show: unexpected bids for power shake things up in…
11 Apr 54 min

Inside Europe 4 April 2024

The electoral tide turns on Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, taking stock of NATO at 75, the war in Gaza casts a cloud over the Eurovision Song Contest and why Czechs spent Wednesday taking it easy. Also: a special focus on farmers and mental health.
4 Apr 54 min

Inside Europe 28 March 2024

Will Putin use the Moscow attack to further tighten his grip? Could a pro-western candidate win Slovakia's presidential election? And the refugee crisis in Europe that no one is talking about. Also: A secret recording hints at more corruption in Hungary's government, is it 'Time's up' for Spain's late-night bar…
28 Mar 54 min

Inside Europe 21 March 2024

Ukrainian drones strike Russian oil refineries, Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar resigns, and the World Happiness Index reveals the opposite for young people in Western Europe. Also: an environment-themed second half featuring: a vision for a post fossil-fuel Ukraine, hydro plans threaten Scotland’s Loch Ness, Montpellier’s free public transport and the…
21 Mar 54 min

Inside Europe 14 March 2024

The first (but not last!) elections special of this elections bumper-year, covering the rise of Portugal’s far-right Chega party. The Russian presidential elections and what’s NOT on the ballot. The battle for Belgrade is on again and how Erdogan hopes to retake Istanbul. All that, plus the alarming incidence of…
14 Mar 55 min

Inside Europe - 7 March 2024

An International Women's Day Special, featuring the voices of Russian opposition figurehead Yulia Navalnaya, female NATO recruits as they take to the skies, and a French abortion activist celebrating a constitutional victory. Also in the show: pioneering business anchor Karen Tso, the only female watchmaker in Bosnia, Spanish football players…
7 Mar 54 min

Inside Europe - 29 February 2024

NATO membership and the shift in the Swedish psyche, Russian fishing vessels in Norwegian ports, and refugee-led mental health interventions in Prague. Also: quantifying extremism in Germany's AfD, enshrining abortion in the French constitution, dealing with the aftermath of ISIS terror in Turkey and bringing refugee children and their peers…
29 Feb 55 min

Inside Europe - 22 February 2024

On the 2nd anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we look at the security and funding situation and talk to DW’s Kyiv correspondent, Nick Connolly. Also: The delicate issue of Norway’s relationship with Russia, how Russia is using cryptocurrency to by-pass international sanctions, and we meet Mstyslaw Tschernow, director…
22 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 15 February 2024

Hungary resignations - the pedophile scandal that toppled a president. Green giggles - French ecologically conscious comedy. Memorial politics - what to do about Bulgaria’s communist era monuments? All that, plus a deep-dive into the controversial world of homeopathy in the company of DW's Don't Drink The Milk team.
15 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 8 February 2024

Dutch coalition talks break down leaving Wilders in limbo, Northern Ireland gets its first Republican first minister and the death knoll for gas-guzzling cars in Paris. Also: Kosovo's new currency rule irritates minority Serbs, we visit Turkey's Hatay a year after the earthquakes, southern Estonia begins its culture capital year…
8 Feb 54 min

Inside Europe - 2 February 2024

The EU reaches a deal with Orban, farmers threaten to blockade Paris, and a new report sets out a vision of two very different agro-futures. Then: Norway’s Prime Minister puts his full weight behind the Arctic Council, open source aficionados gather in Brussels, Estonian teachers go back to work, Italian…
1 Feb 55 min

Inside Europe - 25 January 2024

Turkey green-lights Sweden's NATO bid, a wake-up call for the EU elections, and Finland prepares to elect a president. Also: French politics and the fickle capital of youth, a journey to the heart of Germany's Zeitenwende, and leaning tower of… Bologna. Links - ECFR report:, Tania Roettger in The…
25 Jan 54 min

Inside Europe - 18 January 2024

Germany's far-right and the secret master-plan to deport millions of people, Can Dundar calls for a ban on the AfD, and Turkey's civil society crackdown continues. Also: Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Davos address, Spain's plastic pellet problem, France’s Depardieu dilemma, and a bracing encounter with Oslo's floating saunas… Correctiv investigation link:
18 Jan 54 min

Inside Europe - 11 January 2024

Germany’s winter of discontent, the plight of hundreds of British sub-postmasters falsely accused of theft, NATO is looking for a new Secretary General, and Denmark has a new monarch. Also: Turkish espionage arrests, Republika Srpska’s controversial national holiday, Abkhazia’s government in exile, and Spain’s economic gamble.
11 Jan 55 min

Inside Europe - 4 January 2024

A look ahead to 2024’s mega election year, with country specific briefings from a selection of our correspondents in different European capitals and a conversation with Sarah Wheaton, host of Politico’s EU Confidential podcast. All that, plus an introduction to one of Europe’s 2024 capitals of culture - Bodø in…
4 Jan 54 min

Inside Europe - 28 December 2023

A smorgasbord of Euro-sounds, from the archives of Radio Luxembourg to Athen’s centenary tribute to Maria Callas, via an intimate exploration of music and morals. Then: the weird and wacky world of Zagreb’s museums for just about anything, life on a gelato jury, and Portugal plays host to Afghanistan’s pioneering…
28 Dec 2023 54 min

Inside Europe - 21 December 2023

Everyone’s a winner in Spain’s singing national lottery draw, Christmas is coming early to Ukraine, and when it comes to festive feasts, nobody does it quite like Norway! All that, plus our traditional holiday ring-round with our correspondents in the capitals.
21 Dec 2023 54 min

Inside Europe - 14 December 2023

The UN Climate Summit, Russian environmentalists and France’s immigration bill. Also on the show: Deja-Vucic: Serbia’s election is all about a man who isn’t standing, Passport loophole: Meet the Argentinians claiming Italian nationality and Euro-talent: how EU funding is helping put up-and-coming artists on the map.
14 Dec 2023 55 min

Inside Europe - 7 December 2023

Energy policy as an international security issue, Russian activists seek a safe haven in Bulgaria and Turkey lines up its demands. Also on the show: the moral case for the return of the Parthenon marbles, second generation migrants and the question of French identity, an Autobahn extension threatens Berlin’s club…
7 Dec 2023 55 min

Inside Europe - 30 November 2023

What are the lessons from the Dutch elections won by far-right firebrand Geert Wilders, London receives its annual Christmas gift from Norway and Germany grapples with a €60 billion hole in its budget. Also: a new Lviv art venue opens amid the Ukraine war, earthquake legislation in Romania forces small…
30 Nov 2023 55 min
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