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Uganda reacts to strict anti-homosexuality bill

Uganda has passed one of the toughest pieces of anti-gay legislation in Africa. A rights activist tell us the bill has increased the fear of more attacks on gay people. Five people have died from an outbreak of Marburg virus in Tanzania. It has been three years since Malawi legalised…
22 Mar 28 min

Uganda passes harsh anti-LGBTQ bill

Parliament in Uganda has passed a bill that may see people who identify as gay, lesbian or queer be imprisoned for life, if it is signed into law. Kenya has received its first shipment from the ‘Grain from Ukraine’ programme. Senegalese president, Macky Sall, has rejected claims it would unconstitutional…
21 Mar 28 min

South Africa's opposition EFF call for a shutdown of the economy

South Africa's opposition Economic Freedom Fighters call for a shutdown of the economy... we'll hear how it went. Also, as Ramadan approaches, Egyptians despair over the rising cost of food. Plus, music and money from Malawi's artists to help victims of Cyclone Freddy. And how clever is Artificial Intelligence when…
20 Mar 33 min

More bodies pulled in aftermath of Cyclone Freddy in Malawi

More bodies recovered in the wost-hit areas of Malawi, following the devastation caused by Storm Freddy. Also, why are religious communities in the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa staging anti-LGBTQI protests? Plus our resident presidents are tackling a major issue... stay tuned... Those stories and more in this podcast presented…
17 Mar 24 min

Efforts to help survivors of Cyclone Freddy continue

We'll be in Malawi for the latest on efforts to help people caught in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Freddy. Also, Anthony Blinken is the first US Secretary of State to visit Niger, but why now? And what needs to be done to help children recover from the psychological effects…
16 Mar 22 min

Millions affected by floods in Malawi

Up to five million people are affected by floods in Malawi.  Things are so bad that even the helpers need help. Also, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is in Ethiopia. What's on the agenda? And Professor Daniele Darlan - who risked her own safety to defend  judicial independence…
15 Mar 25 min

Malawi Storm Freddy death toll continues to rise

Malawi is reeling from the aftermath of Storm Freddy. Authorities say the death toll has risen to more than 190 people. We hear from those affected. Nigeria’s Central Bank has said 200, 500 and 1000 old banknotes will remain legal tender until the end of the year after months of…
14 Mar 25 min

Cyclone Freddy kills dozen in Malawi

Malawi’s government has declared a state of emergency, after Cyclone Freddy killed dozens of people and caused huge damage, with rescue efforts hampered by continuing poor weather. Plus, we look at what Angola’s decision to send troops into eastern Congo means for the dynamics of the ongoing conflict in North…
13 Mar 28 min

Africa unites to fight Cholera

Several African nations unite in Malawi in a bid to create a taskforce to curb the spread of deadly Cholera. Also, Mozambique braces itself for a second battering by Cyclone Freddy. And our very own satirical resident presidents have their take on the recent elections in Nigeria. Those stories and…
10 Mar 26 min

Uganda debates anti-LGBTQ+ bill

A bill has been tabled in the Ugandan parliament which could see anyone engaging in same-sex relations go to jail for up to ten years. Nigeria has postponed governorship and state assembly elections due to the ongoing dispute over the presidential vote. A solar plant in Kigoma, Tanzania, is providing…
9 Mar 27 min

M23 rebels in the DRC on the march despite ceasefire

Congolese M23 rebels continue to seize swathes of territory  even though there's supposed to be a ceasefire. And today - International Women's day - we hear about Kenya's  first girls only running camp. Plus - three brave female photographers - who are working in conflict zones. Those stories and more…
9 Mar 30 min

Will DRC's ceasefire hold?

A ceasefire has come into force in the Democratic Republic of Congo to put an end to fighting between the army and M23 rebels. Aid workers in eastern DRC say that clashes are continuing. South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the appointment the country's first-ever minister of electricity. We…
7 Mar 25 min

Protests in Nigeria continue

Former Nigerian vice President, Atiku Abubakar leads a 'black uniform' march by his party, PDP, to the headquarters of the electoral commission INEC. The Presidential candidate said the February 25th poll was compromised and his party demands a re-run after saying they'll challenge it in courts. Also, a BBC investigation…
6 Mar 33 min

Nigeria's chaotic banknote redesign ruled invalid

Nigeria's Supreme Court has overturned a ban on old naira banknotes and ruled that the redesign was invalid. The justices said that not enough notice was given to the public before the old notes were withdrawn. Several anti-France activists stage protests in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, to…
3 Mar 29 min

Nigeria's Obi says he, not Tinubu, won presidential election

Labour Party's Peter Obi, who came third in Nigeria’s presidential election, has vowed to prove in court that his supporters were "robbed" of victory. Madagascans start the process of rebuilding their lives, and homes after bearing the brunt of Cyclone Freddy as it tore through southern African. And two West…
2 Mar 26 min

Tinubu is Nigeria's president-elect after disputed election

Nigeria's ruling party candidate, Bola Tinubu, has been declared president-elect of Africa's most populous nation after a weekend election that saw one of the lowest voter turn outs. The main opposition parties have disputed the result, describing the election as a sham and are planning to mount a legal challenge…
1 Mar 34 min

Opposition parties call for fresh Nigeria elections

Three opposition parties in Nigeria, The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Labour Party and the African Democratic Congress (ADC), have called for Saturday’s presidential election to be cancelled and rerun, over alleged widespread irregularities. But the Independent National Electoral Commission remains steadfast in declaring state results. More fathers are being…
28 Feb 32 min

Nigeria awaits election results

Nigerians wait with baited breath following Saturday's general election, but some in Rivers state protest over inability to cast their ballots. There were technical hitches during the voting, and today, some parties object to INEC, the electoral commission not uploading results online.  Meanwhile, in Lagos, a major upset in the…
27 Feb 27 min

Is Nigeria ready for presidential elections?

A day before Nigeria's general election, the electoral commission says 87 million people are eligible to vote, but is everything ready? Also, one year on from Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Is it all doom and gloom for Africa? Plus our Resident Presidents. More on those stories in this podcast with Paul…
24 Feb 26 min

Nigeria Election Special

Voters in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, head to the polls this Saturday, 25 February, to elect a new president and parliamentary representatives. In this special edition we hear why the 2023 general election is so important and what issues have been dominating the political campaigns. We also hear from…
23 Feb 32 min
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