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Damning report raises tough questions for South Africa's leader

The presidency of South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa seems under threat, after a damning report from a panel of legal experts into accusations that he covered up the theft of $4m (£3.3m) in cash from his farm in 2020.

A Liberian senator wants an investigation into the amount of time President George Weah has currently spent outside the country.

And Nigeria has approved a policy for primary school lessons to be taught in local languages, rather than English.

Embezzlement charges for ex-president's son in Mozambique

From Mozambique: The son of former president Armando Guebuza is on trial for embezzlement, money laundering and blackmail in the country's biggest financial scandal.

We'll hear how an army base housing the Wagner Group's fighters in the Central African Republic was bombed.

In South Sudan: A spike in premature births - and attempts to keep the infants alive.

Those stories and more in this podcast with Audrey Brown.

Chad lawyers on strike as protesters face court

Lawyers in Chad have gone on strike, as protesters arrested at a demonstration where at least 50 people were killed last month are due in court.

Plus, Malawi rolls out Africa’s first malaria vaccine for children under the age of five.

And author Derek Owusu talks to us about his new novel Losing the Plot.

Somalia: al-Shabab hotel siege leaves several dead

In Somalia, another deadly al-Shabab attack, this time on a hotel in the capital Mogadishu. We speak to environment minister Adam Aw Hirsi, who was one of those caught up in the violence.

Plus, we get the latest from Sao Tome and Principe, where an attempted coup has left several people dead.

And in Cameroon at least a dozen people have been killed by a landslide which struck a funeral.

Malawi’s Vice President arrested

Malawi’s Vice President is arrested on corruption charges after an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. He denies the allegations.

Nigeria’s Ake Arts and Book Festival celebrates its 10th edition. We speak to founder Lola Shoneyin.

Plus, Uganda closes schools two weeks early to help efforts to slow the spread of Ebola.

Ceasefire agreed in the DRC

Leaders from the Great Lakes region agree a ceasefire between the government of the DRC and M23.

Also, Getachew Reda from the TPLF on the agreement they signed to end the war with Ethiopia.

Plus, will this year’s budget kick-start Ghana’s stuttering economy?

Why are Nigerians swapping their high-value banknotes?

Nigerians have to swap their current high-value banknotes for new ones by the end of January. Why the change?

Also, we take a rare look at the workings of an elite Somali military unit fighting Al Shabab.

Plus, from Harare - President Mnangagwa makes this year's state of the nation address in Zimbabwe's new parliamentary building.

More on those stories in this podcast with Audrey Brown

SA's President Ramaphosa on state visit to UK

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa is in London for what has been described as an 'historic state visit'. He is the first foreign guest of King Charles III since he assumed the throne in October.

Staff at Twitter's only office in Africa say the company is now willing to negotiate redundancy terms, two weeks after they were fired with nothing. The layoffs were part of the global staff cull imposed by Twitter's new boss, Elon Musk.

And in Ghana, we hear from a group of young 'influencers' who use different social media platforms to alleviate financial difficulties.

Veteran leader set for landslide victory in Equatorial Guinea election

Preliminary results in the Equatorial Guinea elections point to a landslide victory for President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who is already one of the world’s longest serving leaders. He is set to extend his 43-year rule. The leader of an opposition party claims there have been widespread voting irregularities.

Five years after Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe was forced to resign from office amid an economic and political crisis, we hear from ordinary citizens in the capital city, Harare, on whether their prospects are now better or worse.

And we visit an orthopaedic clinic in Senegal that is working with children and pioneering a new way to correct the severely disabling deformity known as clubfoot, without the need for surgical intervention.

DRC army claims advances against rebels

The Congolese army is claiming to have made advances against the M23 rebel group after a renewed offensive in recent weeks. We have the latest.

The first aid deliveries in months arrived in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. We’ve heard from the World Food Programme.

Plus, a moving tribute to Kenya’s Priscilla Sitienei, the grandmother who went to school at the age of 90, who has passed away.

What is going on in Mali?

As international troops quit as violence surges and Russian influence permeates the country, we ask: Is the west burning its bridges with Bamako?

Focus on Africa’s Audrey Brown is joined by a panel of guests, Dr Virginie Baudais who is based in the Malian capital Bamako and is the Stockholm International Peace Institute’s director of the Sahel programme; Dr Jean-Herve Jezequel, the International Crisis Group’s Project Director for the Sahel who is in Senegal; and Dr Niagale Bagayoko, who heads up the Africa Security Network, which is an independent think tank based in Paris. They helped to unpack what this disengagement with the West means for Mali and the wider region.

Food aid reaches Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Two weeks after a peace deal was signed, the Red Cross says humanitarian aid is finally reaching Ethiopia’s Tigray region, but a doctor in the regional capital, Mekelle, says essential medicines are still lacking.

More Kenyan soldiers have been deployed to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as part of a regional force to fight rebel forces in the east.

And Uganda's national symbol, the crested crane, is facing extinction. We hear from local people who are fighting as ‘custodians’ to save the birds.

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