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William Ruto becomes Kenya’s fifth president

Kenya has a new president after William Ruto was sworn in at a ceremony in Nairobi. We’ll bring you analysis of his plans.

Should we be hopeful for peace in northern Mozambique as thousands of displaced people return home?

And we’ll meet the Tanzanian Olympian, Magdalena Moshi, who’s campaigning for better awareness about fibroids.

Ethiopia's TPLF says it's willing to stop fighting

Tigrayan forces in Ethiopia say they are ready for a ceasefire after a five month truce broke down. They also pledged willingness to participate in African Union-led talks. Will the Government in Addis respond in kind?

Also, Uganda pays the DRC $65 million dollars in reparations for the invasion by UPDF forces and looting of resources  during the war in the 1990s. Could the ICJ ruling set a precedent?

Plus, how some African nations are reacting to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Her body now lays at rest in Edinburgh. What could King Charles III's accession mean for Africa and the commonwealth?

Those and other stories in this podcast with Bola Mosuro.

Landslide kills several in Uganda

A landslide after heavy rains claims at least fifteen lives in Uganda.

Also, the latest on a grain shipment from Ukraine to the Horn of Africa. Will it reach the people who need it most?

And Cameroonian parents brave the dangers of a vicious civil conflict to send their children back to school after a six-year gap.

Those stories and more in this podcast.

UN: Millions at risk of famine in the Horn of Africa

The UN say millions are at risk of famine in the Horn of Africa following the worst drought in 70 years. We hear from Somalia where the Islamic relief fund describe what they are doing for 7 million already facing starvation.

And, over 35 people are killed in Burkina Faso after a bus hit an Improvised Explosive Device. It's said Jihadists are increasing attacks in the midsts of a deepening humanitarian crisis.

Those stories and others in this podcast.

Court affirms Ruto victory in Kenya

William Ruto has been declared the next President of Kenya after the Supreme court rejected all challenges by Raila Odinga who said the results of the August elections were fraudulent.

Also, Zambia's finance minister outlines the new fiscal package for the nation after a loan of $1.3billion is promised by the IMF.

Plus, the South African pharmaceutical giant Aspen which had been forced to cease production of the COVID vaccine has announced it will produce four life-saving vaccines crucial for children on the continent.

Those stories and more in this podcast.

Ethiopia ambassador denies breaking truce

Ethiopian ambassador Zenebe Kebede says federal forces acted in defence after TPLF attacked their positions in the recent flare-up of clashes in Tigray.
But Tigray isn't the only hot spot experiencing violence in Ethiopia. We report on other attacks carried out in Oromia and listen to chilling accounts from local residents

Also in the pod: We speak to an opposition leader in Chad who is trapped in his party headquarters after security forces arrested his supporters; A report on the death of twenty-one teenagers who died in a South African tavern concerns the victims' families. And we ask Malawi's Health secretary what is behind a recent spike in cholera cases in the country.

Zambia’s billion dollar bailout sparks economic hope

Zambia has agreed a $1.3 billion bailout loan with the IMF after months of negotiations. We’ll look at what this might mean for the country.

Why a community in North-West Cameroon are concerned about a strange smell coming from a crater lake.

And Ghanaian-born British Vogue editor Edward Eninnful talks about his new memoir, A Visible Man.

Fighting intensifies in Tigray

Reports of a hospital being bombed in Tigray as fighting intensifies. Both sides once again blaming each other for the atrocity.

Also, what are the real reasons behind the collapse of the South African health system?

Plus, the last Soviet-era leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has died. What did he mean for the continent at the end of the 20th century?

These stories and more in the podcast.

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