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US vetoes call for immediate Gaza ceasefire at UN

The US has vetoed a resolution at the UN demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after proposing its own draft urging a temporary ceasefire. In its own resolution the US warned Israel not to invade the city of Rafah. We'll hear from one of Israel's top former diplomats on reaction…
20 Feb 4PM 48 min

US proposes temporary ceasefire in Gaza

The US has put forward a draft UN Security Council resolution which calls for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza and also opposes plans by Israel to launch a ground offensive in the southern city of Rafah. We hear from the former US special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations, Frank Lowenstein.Also in…
20 Feb 10AM 51 min

Israel – Gaza war concerns top Munich Security Conference

World leaders are gathering at the Munich Security Conference, where the wars in Ukraine and Gaza have topped the agenda. The Palestinian National Authority’s Prime Minister spoke to the BBC’s Chief International Correspondent about world leaders’ interest in a Palestinian state – a proposal rejected by Israeli authorities.Also in the…
18 Feb 5PM 50 min

Biden urges Congress to pass Ukraine aid bill

US President Joe Biden urges Congress to pass the Ukraine military aid bill, after the Russian capture of the Ukrainian town Avdiivka. Also in the programme: The former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is released on parole; and the musicians who play instruments reclaimed from the sea.(Image: Ukrainian soldiers load…
18 Feb 9AM 48 min

Navalny’s aides accuse Russia of 'hiding' his body

Alexei Navalny's mother has been unable to recover his body after his death in an Arctic jail, according to a close aide to the dead Russian opposition leader.We hear from a young man who attended a vigil in memory of Navalny in southern Russia on Friday. He was arrested by…
17 Feb 5PM 48 min

Ukraine pulls troops from besieged eastern town

Ukraine pulls its troops from the eastern town of Avdiivka after months of heavy fighting. Also in the programme, protests in Russia to honour the late opposition leader Navalny; and is knitting good for mental health?(Image: Destroyed building in Aviidvka. Credit: Reuters)
17 Feb 8AM 48 min

Russia says the leading opposition figure, Alexei Navalny, has died

President Biden has blamed the death on Vladimir Putin. Mr Navalny's wife said Mr Putin would be held responsible. Despite official warnings against protests, hundreds of people have been leaving flowers in central Moscow and other Russian cities in memory of Mr Navalny. Also on the programme; Donald Trump has…
16 Feb 4PM 49 min

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny reported dead

The Russian prison service says that jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny has died. His friends blame the Kremlin for his death, international leaders condemn his treatment. We hear from people who know him well and get the response of international leaders. Also in the programme: why the Egyptian authorities are…
16 Feb 10AM 53 min

Israeli special forces raid the main hospital in southern Gaza

The Israeli army says it has evidence the Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis was being used by armed groups.Also on the programme; we hear from Avdiivka in Eastern Ukraine which has seen of of the fiercest fighting in recent weeks. And why a major makeover for London transport is the…
15 Feb 4PM 48 min

NATO says Ukraine needs more aid to hold ground

The NATO secretary-general has warned that the US failure to approve more military aid for Ukraine is holding it back in the battle against Russia. Also in the programme: Reports of antisemitic incidents in the UK reach a record high; and battles over citizenship on the French island of Mayotte…
15 Feb 10AM 51 min

Military strongman claims election win in Indonesia

The Indonesian defence minister Prabowo Subianto has claimed an election victory, but his past human rights record has raised concerns. Also in the programme: the expert witness who's helped cost Donald Trump and his allies tens of millions of dollars; and the teasing habits of young great apes. (Image: Indonesian…
14 Feb 5PM 42 min

Indonesia election: Unofficial results put military strongman Prabowo in lead

The former military strongman and current defence minister Prabowo Subianto has claimed victory in Indonesia's presidential election, after several state-approved polling samples showed him winning around 58 percent of the vote. Also in the programme: The Israeli defence force has launched a wave of air strikes on southern Lebanon in…
14 Feb 10AM 52 min

Israel considers evacuation of Palestinians from Rafah

Israel is planning for the evacuation of Palestinians from Rafah in southern Gaza, but the United Nations says there is no safe place for civilians to go. Also in the programme: President Biden has urged Republican members of Congress to back a huge funding package for Ukraine, the Middle East…
13 Feb 5PM 48 min