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Famine in Sudan "almost inevitable" warns aid agency

An aid agency working in Sudan has warned levels of hunger and malnutrition in Sudan after a year of civil war are much worse than previously thought. Médecins sans Frontières and other organisations say the breakdown of governance and infrastructure mean a famine is now almost inevitable. The United Nations…
12 Apr 10AM 50 min

OJ Simpson, who was cleared of murder, dies aged 76

Mr Simpson passed away at the age of 76. A sporting hero, film star and murder suspect, his fall from grace gripped and divided America. We speak to journalist Rolanda Watts, who covered his infamous trial. Also on the programme: The US's top official for Haiti on charting a way…
11 Apr 4PM 47 min

Myanmar military loses Thai border town

Ethnic Karen fighters in Myanmar say they've taken the town of Myawaddy, the latest rebel advance against the ruling military. Defeated troops are said to have fled across the border to Thailand.Also in the programme: a billionaire property developer in Vietnam has been sentenced to death for corruption; and the…
11 Apr 10AM 47 min

'Worst floods in decades' hit Kazakhstan and Russia

Unseasonably warm temperatures in southern Russia and Kazakhstan have triggered fast-melting snow, causing unprecedented high rivers and flooding close to major cities. We speak to residents in Kazakhstan's badly affected areas. Also in the programme: Arizona Supreme Court reinstates near-total abortion ban from 1864; and we hear about the contentious…
10 Apr 4PM 47 min

Palestinians mark Eid amid destruction

Palestinians in Gaza are marking Eid-al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, amid destruction. We speak to a freelance Palestinian journalist how she is marking the holiday. Also on the programme: World Athletics has announced it will become the first international federation to award prize money at the Paris Olympic Games; and…
10 Apr 10AM 47 min

Total solar eclipse across the Americas

Excitement spreads from the Pacific Islands across Mexico and the United States as the sun disappears behind the moon: we hear from some of those who have been watching. Meanwhile, residents of Khan Yunis in Gaza return to find utter devastation after the Israeli withdrawal. And what's happening with the…
8 Apr 4PM 49 min

Will Gazans return to Khan Younis as Israeli troops withdraw?

As Israeli troops pull out of Gaza's biggest city in the south, former residents of Khan Younis contemplate a return.Also on the programme: Rescuers in Mozambique search for survivors from a ferry carrying passengers fleeing a cholera outbreak; and a total solar eclipse - where the Moon fully blocks the…
8 Apr 9AM 47 min

Netanyahu: 'One step away from victory' in Gaza

Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has insisted that it will complete the elimination of Hamas in Gaza, including in Rafah where 1.4 million Palestinians have sought refuge. He said Israel was ‘one step away from victory’. We speak to former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, a US congressman calling for…
7 Apr 4PM 51 min

Israel-Gaza: Six months on

A new round of ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas are due to begin today in Cairo, exactly six months after the Hamas attacks that triggered the current conflict. The Israeli military says it has withdrawn all ground troops on active operations from southern Gaza, after months of fighting in…
7 Apr 8AM 48 min

Protests in Israel as hostage body recovered

The Israeli military has recovered the body of a hostage in Gaza. It accused the Islamic Jihad group of murdering Elad Katzir, who was snatched from a kibbutz in southern Israel during the Hamas attacks in October. His sister blamed the Israeli government for his death, saying it had failed…
6 Apr 4PM 45 min

Israeli army recovers body of hostage from Gaza

The Israeli army has recovered the body of a hostage held in Gaza, during an overnight operation in Khan Yunis. It accused the Islamic Jihad group of murdering the man, who's been identified as Elad Katzir. Also in the programme: Mexico severs ties with Ecuador after police storm the Mexican…
6 Apr 9AM 49 min

IDF officers sacked over fatal aid workers attack

Aid organisations have stressed the need for an independent investigation into the deadly Israeli drone strike on an aid convoy after the IDF published its first account of the event.Also in the programme: The BBC's analysis of Israel's evacuation warnings in Gaza; we remember the Nirvana singer, Kurt Cobain, thirty…
5 Apr 5PM 45 min

Israel military sacks senior officers after aid workers killed in Gaza

The Israeli military has sacked two senior officers after seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers were killed in a strike in Gaza on Monday. The inquiry into the incident says some workers survived initial air strikes, but were killed when a third car was hit.Also in the programme: The…
5 Apr 10AM 49 min

US support to depend on Israel easing Gaza suffering

President Biden tells Israel's prime minister that Washington's future policy on the Gaza conflict will depend on Israel taking new and immediate action to protect civilians and aid workers after the killing of humanitarian personnel by an Israeli strike. Also in the programme: In Taiwan, focus turns into rescuing hundreds…
4 Apr 4PM 49 min