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Crypto giant Binance sued by the SEC

Crypto giant Binance has been accused of engaging in a "web of deception" as it was hit with another lawsuit by US financial regulators. The top US financial watchdog - the Securities and Exchange Commission has charged it for breaking the country's investment laws.
5 Jun 6PM 29 min

Will Saudi Arabia's production cut help boost oil prices?

The country is the only member of the group of oil-producing countries, OPEC+, that will reduce output to boost prices. Will it work? Also in the programme, we look into India's railway system after three trains collided leaving 275 dead. And we hear the latest from the largest international meeting…
5 Jun 11AM 29 min

How can South Africa tackle its power cuts crises?

With South Africa expecting its worst ever blackouts, what options does the country have to ensure its economy doesn't continue to suffer? Rahul Tandon discusses the country's options and speaks to a Nigerian businessman on the impact that new president Bola Tinubu removal of fuel subsidies is having. And with…
2 Jun 6PM 29 min

US Labour Data: Growth in non-farm jobs

The US labour market shows strong position than expected with 339,000 jobs in May. This fuels the markets interest – will the Federal Reserve and the US central bank, continue increasing interest rates?
2 Jun 11AM 28 min

Nigeria's fuel crisis: the end of subsidies sparks chaos

Snaking queues have been spreading across Nigeria’s petrol stations after the new president Bola Tinubu announced the end of fuel subsidies on Monday. As panic buyers try to fill up their deposits amid fear of fuel shortages, we hear about the impact this is having on businesses.
1 Jun 11AM 28 min

Congress votes on the US Debt Ceiling

After months of negotiations Congress finally votes on raising the US Government's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling. Ed Butler gets the latest from the vote and hears how it will affect those most in need. As inflation in Sri Lanka falls 10%, but remains high at 25.2% we speak to the…
31 May 7PM 28 min

India vs China: differing economic stories

We're looking at Asia's two biggest economies: India and China. In India GDP has risen to 6.1% in GDP while China - once called the world's factory for producing cheap goods - is seeing a dip in manufacturing activity.
31 May 11AM 27 min

Are companies profiting from the cost of living crisis?

New research from economists in both Europe and the US shows that corporations are artificially stimulating current high levels of inflation. Ed Butler speaks to one of those behind the studies and asks if the price rises are all entirely justified. We get the latest from Washington as President Biden…
30 May 6PM 27 min

Could Uganda's anti-gay law cool foreign investment?

Many business groups including corporate giants such as Google warned Uganda's government of the negative impact the anti-LGBTQ legislation could bring. Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda but now anyone convicted faces life imprisonment.
30 May 11AM 28 min

Nigeria's new President removes fuel subsidy

In his inaugural address President Bola Tinubu announced the decades-long subsidy on petroleum products was being scrapped, leading to a rise in the price of petrol. Rahul Tandon finds out what the wider implications will be for the country already facing economic challenges. We speak to the company behind the…
29 May 6PM 28 min

Biden and McCarthy ‘closer to deal’ on debt ceiling

The US House Speaker says there's been progress in the talks about a deal to raise the government debt limit for two years, and that negotiations with the White House will continue. Kevin McCarthy said the work would carry on until an agreement was reached - but he added this…
26 May 6PM 28 min

US Debt Ceiling deadline looms

With less than a week to go until the deadline is breached, we find out how close we are to a deal between the Democrats and the Republicans. Rahul Tandon gets the economist perspective on how the deal can get over the line. After a year of strikes and union…
26 May 11AM 27 min

Nvidia earnings make chip maker AI superpower

Nvidia, a US firm which specializes in chips powering artificial intelligence, surged as much as 27% on Thursday, putting the company on course for record performance with a market cap above $900 billion. But where is the future of AI while there are raising concerns about regulating and its safety?…
25 May 6PM 27 min

Why has Germany gone into recession?

As Germany enters recession, Rob Young looks at the key factors behind it and speaks to a manufacturer weathering the storm. With a tense political future and struggling economy, how likely is Pakistan to get the IMF funding it so desperately needs? And as Turkey holds a crucial election runoff…
25 May 11AM 28 min

Ron DeSantis: will he get corporate America's vote?

Ron DeSantis has filed the necessary paperwork to run for the US presidency, saying he's Donald Trump without the drama. Mr DeSantis is expected to be one of the strongest challengers to the current leader in the polling: Donald Trump, despite being some way behind him. Kasia Madera hears from…
24 May 6PM 28 min

What went wrong for Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit?

Just months after its first ever satellite mission in the UK reached space, Sir Richard Branson's firm has shut down. Will Bain finds out why it failed to take off, and what its collapse tells us about the cost of the space information race. We hear about the business of…
24 May 11AM 28 min

Chip wars: Apple's multi-billion-dollar deal with Broadcom

Apple have announced a multi-billion-dollar deal with technology and manufacturing company Broadcom to produce 5G components to be used in its products. Kasia Madera hears from Stacy Ragson, Managing Director and Senior Analyst at U.S. Semiconductors and Semiconductor Capital Equipment in L.A.
23 May 6PM 28 min

Sudan's Ceasefire economy

With many of the banks shut and people unable to work but a ceasefire appearing to hold, we get the latest on the economic situation facing the millions of people in Sudan. Rahul Tandon speaks to someone who has just fled the capital Khartoum. We get reaction to comments from…
23 May 11AM 28 min
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