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Trump's Taiwan Defence Remarks Rattle Semiconductor Stocks

Donald Trump's recent comments suggesting Taiwan should pay for its own defence have sent shockwaves through global markets, leading to a significant drop in semiconductor stocks.In the UK, the King's Speech in Parliament has proposed a dramatic shift in the transportation sector by suggesting the nationalisation of the railways. And…
17 Jul 5PM 28 min

Deadly unrest over job quotas grips Bangladesh

University students have been holding rallies for days against the system of reserving some public sector jobs for the relatives of war heroes, from when the country gained independence from Pakistan.Some jobs are also reserved for women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.Also, Britain's King Charles opens parliament, and the…
17 Jul 10AM 28 min

Bangladesh shuts down schools after student protests

Presenter Rahul Tandon explores what lies ahead for Bangladesh after the government indefinitely closed all schools and colleges. Six people have died in student protests over a quota system for government employment.French President Emmanuel Macron’s government has resigned . It follows political deadlock in France as it prepares to host…
16 Jul 5PM 28 min

Businesses reel from fresh protests in Kenya

Elsewhere, Devina Gupta looks to the debate around low-carbon fertilisers, and in Turkey, the government is set to approve a new bill hoping to steady the country's shaky economy. And what's it like being a delivery company on Amazon Prime Day? We speak to one firm in India.
16 Jul 10AM 28 min

Former President Trump announces his Vice Presidential running mate

Presenter Rahul Tandon discusses the announcement of Iowa Senator JD Vance as Donald Trump’s pick to be his running mate in November’s Presidential election.Rahul speaks to Vivek Ramaswamy - who himself was a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination.And we hear about the new law in Indonesia where maternity leave…
15 Jul 6PM 28 min

U.S markets react to attempted Trump assassination

We look at how U.S markets have reacted since the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump.Elsewhere, Devina Gupta looks to China where a key Communist party meeting is taking place, against a backdrop of sluggish spending which is also causing headaches for luxury brands such as Burberry. We also…
15 Jul 10AM 26 min

President Biden faces calls to abandon his political campaign

Presenter Rahul Tandon discusses the ongoing debate about the future of Joe Biden. One of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters Vivek Ramaswamy assesses the shortcomings of the current President. Saudia Arabia has boosted imports of the dirtiest type of oil after hot weather. We hear why the world’s biggest crude exporter…
12 Jul 5PM 26 min

What happens if the Democratic donors turn away from Biden?

Pressure appears to be building on Joe Biden to step aside in November’s electoral contest with his Republican rival Donald Trump.We look at the role that donors have been playing in this election, and what it means if they stop funding the president.Also, it's the biggest wedding in India -…
12 Jul 10AM 26 min

Biden steps up to the mic

Rahul Tandon hears from Democratic donors and swing state voters as President Biden prepares for a high-stakes news conference following the NATO summit in Washington DC. We also examine Kenya's financial situation - as the President dismisses the cabinet following the deadly riots over tax changes.
11 Jul 5PM 29 min

The financial donors behind the US election

Will he stand in November, or won't he? US president Joe Biden under even greater pressure to step back amid fears about his mental and physical fitness. We hear from Morris Pearl, Chairman of the Patriotic Millionaires group. Also, we hear from the trade union movement in South Korea on…
11 Jul 10AM 26 min

President Biden: Donor says it's "crunch time"

Rahul Tandon hears from Biden donor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who says it's "crunch time" for the President as pressure mounts over whether he should try for re-election. Meanwhile the US administration imposes tariffs on Mexican steel imports - those which have been partly made in China. Is this an anti-China move…
10 Jul 5PM 29 min

Strike at Samsung Electronics is going on indefinitely

After a three-day strike at the world's largest maker of semiconductors, smartphones and TVs, the labour union at Samsung Electronics in South Korea has declared an indefinite strike.The union, which has 30,000 members, claims the strike has impacted production, but Samsung denies this. We hear from Professor Daejong Kim from…
10 Jul 10AM 28 min

NATO leaders meet against gloomy backdrop

NATO leaders meet in Washington, amid a rising deathtoll in Ukraine and a debate around the future of US President Biden. What will come from the reunion of the alliance?Elsewhere, Vivienne Nunis looks at the successful launch of Europe's newest rocket, and why the non-alcholic beer market has investors' attention.
9 Jul 6PM 28 min

NATO members gathering in Washington

The US president Joe Biden is welcoming the heads of NATO member states to Washington today, for its annual summit. Among the key topics on the agenda are affirming support for Ukraine and strengthening deterrence and defense. We speak to Sweden’s Minister for Defence Pål Jonson. Also, in the programme,…
9 Jul 10AM 27 min

French elections 2024: How are businesses feeling?

France which is Europe's second largest economy - woke up to an unexpected result in the second round of its general election. Projections showed the far-right National Rally had failed to win a majority. It had been the largest party after first-round voting - but today, the left-wing coalition, the…
8 Jul 10AM 26 min

Who is Rachel Reeves - Britain’s first female finance minister?

After a momentous change for British politics, the new Prime Minister, Labour's Keir Starmer has been welcoming in his new cabinet. And amongst the members of his top team was the country's first ever female finance minister. Also, in the programme, Devina Gupta looks at the big elections showdown in…
5 Jul 5PM 28 min

Kier Starmer scoops UK election result

On World Business Report we have a panel of experts who have been there and know how it works to explain how markets have reacted to the news of a new UK government, ways to boost economic growth and how, practically does Britain's new finance minister get started in a…
5 Jul 10AM 27 min

UK votes being counted

Millions of people voted at the UK General election. Rahul Tandon finds out what the exit polls tell us about how the contest could go and what it means global economy.
4 Jul 7PM 26 min

Fighting malaria could offer global economic boost

Will Bain finds out more about the malaria vaccine that scientists and economists think could save some economies millions…Also, those EU tariffs on Chinese electric cars have come into force - we'll look at what that might mean next…And finally, we're off for a spot of wine tasting.
4 Jul 10AM 26 min

Hurricane Beryl hits Jamaica

Hurricane Beryl has hit Jamaica, bringing with it catastrophic damage. A number of people have already been killed in the path of the storm, including in Grenada, as well as St Vincent and the Grenadines. Devina Gupta talks to local business owners and finds out how climate change is impacting…
3 Jul 5PM 30 min
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