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Make the English you speak sound more natural with The English We Speak from Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme.
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A million to one

Here's an expression to say something is extremely unlikely
20 Feb 3 min

On the go

A phrase to describe how busy you are
30 Jan 2 min

A blow

What a blow! It's so disappointing. Learn how to use this with us
22 Jan 2 min

Rears its head

Want to talk about problems? Here's a useful phrase
16 Jan 3 min

Elbow grease

Some things just need a little elbow grease. Learn what that is in this programme.
8 Jan 3 min

I don't buy it

Here's an expression you can use to say 'I don't believe you'
19 Dec 2023 3 min

Touch grass

Do you spend too much time online? Here's an expression you can use to say 'take a break'.
12 Dec 2023 3 min

I'm out

Sometimes you need to say you don't have anything left. Learn 'I'm out'.
5 Dec 2023 2 min

Plan b

If you need an alternative option, you need to know this phrase. Learn how to use it.
28 Nov 2023 2 min

Sound out

Sometimes you just want to find out what someone else thinks.
21 Nov 2023 2 min

Fly by night

When companies or people can't be trusted, use this expression.
14 Nov 2023 2 min


Do you want to beat your friends by saying what you have done that is better than them?
14 Nov 2023 2 min

Mental gymnastics

How do we talk about complicated tasks done by your brain?
24 Oct 2023 2 min

Call dibs

If you want to get the last slice of pizza, what can you say?
17 Oct 2023 3 min
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