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Every week Radiant Culture seeks to be a voice that speaks into, confronts and influences modern day culture. We ask questions, provide insight and challenge the status quo from a christian perspective. We are young, fresh and exciting, and we will get you thinking about the choices you make in life

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Episode 161- Faith vs Reality (PART 2)

This is a continuation of Episode 160 as we discuss Faith vs Reality. In this episode we discuss:

- How do we practically live by faith in the face of contesting realities
- Does faith mean the answer is always yes? what If God doesn’t heal or give the response that we expected, is it always because of a lack of faith
- Jesus says in Jon 14:14 You may Ask for anything in my name and I will do it? What role does the sovereignty of God play in the things we believe and ask God for?

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Episode 160- Faith Vs Reality

At times as Christians we often struggle to believe or hold on to what the word of God says when the reality on the ground seems to be other wise.

How do you apply faith in difficult situations? It seems like sometimes as Christians we are often acceptors of reality rather than changers of reality through our faith.

Peter when Jesus was walking on water towards the boat he asked Jesus , if it was him to call him so he can walk on water too, and Jesus called him to come and he walked briefly on water until he faced the reality of the wind and the storm and he doubted and began to sink. Jesus attributes his sinking to a lack of faith. How do we build our faith such that we are those who walk by faith and not by sight in a world that throws everything at us? It’s easier said than done, but still possible because we are called to be those who live by faith.

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Episode 159-Rekindling your passion for the things of God

When we first become believers and followers of Jesus we have such a passion for the the things of God and a hunger to grow spiritually. However when we reach a certain level of spiritual maturity we tend to get complacent and become less hungry to grow in our faith, at times our faith even diminishes.
In the New Testament there’s a consistent call to believers for spiritual maturity and growth especially in Hebrews. That means consistently seeking to grow in our Faith moving from milk (elementary principles of faith) to meat (Substance and spiritual maturity). How do we get going again and rekindle a passion to continue to grow in the things of God?

Episode 158- MyTruth or Gods Truth

We live in an age where people are increasingly rejecting objective truth& God’s truth for their own personal truths.

In this episode we discuss what is the danger in this new movement? What ways does it contribute to creating a more selfish society? How does it affect how people engage with God’s Word? If it’s all about “my truth” could we not ultimately end up doing away with God’s word completely? How can Christian’s walk in wisdom concerning this and ensure they don’t get caught up in this movement?

Episode 157: Christians vs Cancel Culture

There is a  movement currently trending in society called “Cancel Culture” which sees individuals  being “cancelled” by society for things they have either said or done.

What defines this movement called “cancel culture”? Can Christians take part in it and still remain Christians? And how can Christian’s prevent the fear of being "cancelled" from impacting how they share the Gospel? Have a listen and join the conversation.

Episode 156: The Great Misunderstanding or the Great Misleading

Recently, American preacher, Creflo Dollar preached a sermon titled “The Great Misunderstanding” in which he claimed that tithing is part of the Old Testament and is not necessary for Christians under the New Covenant. He then went on to urge his congregants to destroy his teachings on the topic.

What did he mean by this? Is tithing really an “Old Testament thing” that we are to abandon completely? And what effect does it have on followers of Christ when ministers revoke their teaching like this? Have a listen and join the conversation.

Episode 155: Christian social influencing

In this episode, continuing from their discussion on society’s craving for social validation, T-Mak and Kuki Monsta are joined by renowned gospel artist and social influencer, Tembalami, to talk about Christian social influencing.

How do Christian’s use social media to positively influence others and share the Gospel? Is there a point in doing so? How can Christians keep from getting swept up in trends, compromising the Truth and succumbing to the pressure to seek validation from society? Have a listen and join the conversation.

Episode 154: Dealing with our craving for social validation

In our world today, with things like social media constantly measuring us, there's constant pressure to publish our successes and accomplishments and look our best. As a result we live in a state of constant performance, seeking validation from society. But how does Christianity address society's need for constant validation? Have a listen and join the conversation.

Episode 153: Applying your faith at work and in your career

In this episode we discuss How to Connect Your Faith With Your Career. For some people the only true "Christian" career is being a pastor, but not everyone can be or is even called to be a pastor. So what about the rest of us? How do we pursue God and share the gospel in our various fields be it business, film or architecture? How do we apply our faith at work and is there such a thing as an ungodly or godly career, or is a "Christian" career what you make it?Have a listen and join the conversation.

Episode 152: Finding The Right Church

In this episode we discuss how to find the right church to call home. You may have moved cities, left your church for various reasons or you have just become a Christian. With so many different churches, how do you know which one is the right one for you. What sort of things should you look for in a church or beware of? What counsel should you seek in finding one?Have a listen and join the conversation..

Episode 151: Rekindling the fire from when we got saved.

In this episode we are joined by Pastor Craig Ndoro as we discuss rekindling the fire from when we got saved. Life happens, challenges come, we get knocked down, get up, backslide, and come back toy the faith. Somehow we manage to hold on to the faith but without that zeal and passion we had before. How do we rekindle that passion for the things of God, for Jesus and the Gospel? We are meant to be moving in power, from Gory to Glory and not just holding on to our faith.

EP150- 5 Year Anniversary Episode

Radiant Culture celebrates 5 years and in this 150th episode we reflect on the journey and experience so far. While this episode is full of humour and banter due to its light hearted approach, we share a lot valuable insights and lessons we have learnt along the way that have helped build up our faith. We also hear from some of our avid listeners as well as share the behind the scenes stories. Have a listen, a good laugh and be inspired as well as encouraged

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