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Every week Radiant Culture seeks to be a voice that speaks into, confronts and influences modern day culture. We ask questions, provide insight and challenge the status quo from a christian perspective. We are young, fresh and exciting, and we will get you thinking about the choices you make in life
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Episode 182- God we need to TALK !

Ever felt let down by God? Prayer not answered? We go through some things in life that are difficult to understand, deal with or accept and we wonder where God is and if he really cares. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why God lets certain things happen. Why he answers…
24 Nov 47 min

Episode 181- Should you do business with the Church or people in the Church?

In this episode we discuss church and business. Should you do business with the Church or people in the Church?should there be a separation? Is church a place you should actively seek business or church is strictly for worship and Christian fellowship. Is doing business with fellow church members wise…
21 Oct 50 min

Episode 180- Are Christians meant to be always nice and polite

In this episode we discuss if Christians are meant to always be nice and polite. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, love our neighbor but does this we should always be meek and allow others to take advantage of us? Have a listen and…
14 Sep 54 min

Episode 179- Choosing the best school for your Children as Christian parents

In this episode we are joined by veteran and passionate teacher Tsitsi Shambare as we discuss choosing the best school for your Children as Christian parents. Now more than ever Christian parents must really consider where they take their children to school. The bible says in Proverbs 22:6- “Train up…
3 Sep 58 min

Episode 178- Deal Breakers Part 2- Things that can end friendships

In this episode we continue the conversation from the previous episode on deal breakers as we discuss the things that can end friendships! What things would make you end your friendship with some one close to you? Where does grace and forgiveness come in or are there boundaries that are…
13 Aug 34 min

Episode 177- Deal Breakers in Relationships

In this very light-hearted episode, we discuss deal breakers in relationships, specifically from a christian guy's perspective. What would make a christian guy choose not to commit and marry a girl he is courting, what are the deal breakers? is it her cooking, the company she keeps, career goals? Have…
3 Aug 49 min

Episode 176- Bryan K on becoming a Gospel artist

In this episode we sit down with Zimbabwean award winning RnB and Afro-soul artist Bryan K who released a powerful Gospel album titled Just As I am. Bryan speaks on his upbringing and relationship with God and how these have influenced his music. We also find out if this gospel…
14 Jul 49 min

Episode 175- Making an impact while it still counts

In this Episode we are joined by Tim From Zim, as we discuss how to start living a life of impact right now, where you are. Often times we procrastinate doing certain things that make a positive impact in our communities with the excuse that we will do it when we have time…
8 Jul 55 min

Episode 174- Dealing with burnout from serving in Church

In this episode we discuss how to deal with burnout from serving in church or just Christian ministry in general. As much as we love serving God and others there comes a time when we give more of our serves than we can manage, eventually suffering form burnout. When that…
30 Jun 1 hr 01 min

Episode 173- Angie Adams on how her Faith influences her creative work

In this episode we chat to GenZ Digital Content Creator and entrepreneur Angie Adams on how her Faith influences her creative work. At 21 , Angie is a popular Cosplayer, Visual Artist and entrepreneur who runs her own pop culture merch business in Harare. She talks about her journey in…
2 Jun 55 min

Episode 172- The Life and Times of a Gen Z Christian

In this episode we are joined by Munashe , a young, passionate and philosophical youth leader as we discuss What it’s really like being an “ama2000” or Gen Z Christian. Older generations have a lot of harsh criticism for our Youth of today, (they are lazy, uncultured, undisciplined, wild) but…
16 May 53 min

Episode 171- Choosing the best Bible translations to read

In this episode we discuss Bible translations , interpretation and choosing the best translations to use for your devotion and bible study. The Bible is considered by many Christians as the infallible word of God, the source of truth and basis of the Christian faith. However it has had to…
28 Apr 55 min

Episode 170- Random Questions for Pastor Tom Deuschle

Following an insightful chat with Pastor Tom Deuschle in the previous episode , we follow up a bit on the light hearted side in this episode as we ask Pastor Tom a series of random questions to get an intriguing inside look at his personal interests outside of daily ministry…
13 Apr 19 min

Episode 168: To get married or remain single?

In this episode we discuss to get married or not? With all the pressure for young adults in the church who are single to get married is marriage the ultimate accomplishment for Christians. Why is marriage put on such a pedestal in the Church. Is Marriage for everyone or some…
15 Mar 1 hr 10 min


In this episode we sit done with renowned Southern African Music Executive Blahtee Muchemwa as we discuss The Christian Music scene and how it’s changed over the years? Has Christian music “conformed” to the world. Do most Christian artists still have the primary motive of leading people in worship and…
12 Feb 39 min


In this episode we discuss staying the course in your spiritual walk. As we kick start the year its like a new start, new season for most people. We make goals, we fast and pray for God’s blessing and guidance as we navigate the year but then reality soon happens…
21 Jan 57 min


Continuing from Episode 162 on Beauty- a gift or a curse? in this episode we discuss what ladies look for in a husband. What determines the value of a man? Is it mainly his earning capacity, wealth, Looks, Potential or Godliness? Also why do some Christian Women sometimes settle for…
30 Dec 2022 1 hr 06 min

Episode 163- Celebrity Culture in the Church

In this episode we discuss Celebrity Culture in the Church. Is there a place for celebrity culture in the christian community? Should Christians be lining up to get selfies with them and regarding them as celebrities just like the world regards secular personalities or should they be regarded as just…
21 Dec 2022 1 hr 16 min
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