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Income investing: Choosing the right fund for your needs

Conservative investors wanting to keep a portion of their savings in cash or near-cash assets, have a wide variety of investment funds from which to choose. Listen to investment specialist Christo Lineveldt and Head of Personal Investments Pieter Koekemoer as they discuss how to identify the right one for your…
28 Oct 2021 13 min

Investing offshore: Choosing the right multi-asset fund

Investors seeking to achieve long-term capital growth in international markets by means of a multi-asset fund, can choose to invest in one of two funds, Coronation Global Managed or Global Optimum Growth [ZAR] Feeder. This discussion aims to unpack the key differences between the two funds.
21 Jul 2021 5 min

Not sure how to get started investing offshore?

Offshore investing always raises a lot of questions. How much? Where? In what? Find out why the most important question you can start with is ‘What do you want to accomplish?’. Below Peter Kempen discusses the ins and outs of investing offshore with Classic Business’ Michael Avery.
18 Dec 2019 5 min

Investing offshore: Choosing the right fund

Investment specialist Christo Lineveldt and head of Personal Investments Pieter Koekemoer helps you to identify the multi-asset fund most suited to your international investment needs.
18 Dec 2019 5 min